Ref: The Name Ordained For Salvation Is YAHUSHUA; It Is Not JESUS CHRIST: Letter to Andre, Mozambique


thumb (19)Dear Andre: Thanks for getting in touch so quickly and for the many questions you have asked me in relation to my above titled article published in this very medium. Because of my love in sharing with others the truth the Almighty gives me, it is always a joy to answer all questions that my readers ask me. And so, I hope to give you some satisfactory answers to your questions.

In the first paragraph of your e-mail, you asked to know if I think the work done by bible translators and theologians has done damage to the TRUTH. Well, since Christian theologians depend solely or mainly on the Bible to teach what they do, you will accept that whatever errors translators bring into their Bibles are ultimately multiplied, magnified and amplified by theologians and bible-preaching clergymen.

As you may know, the Almighty revealed His Word to mankind through Yisroel, all in Ivrit. He spoke Ivrit to Ivriim who wrote in Ivrit everything they heard in Ivrit!! In fact, Elohiym only speaks Ivrit and no other languages of Earth—cf. Hebrews 1:1-2—and so He never inspired any one of the people who worked to produce all the non-Ivrit Bibles in the world in the languages they worked in!!

People have no difficulty accepting that the Old Covenant scriptures (Tanakh) were inspired and written in Ivrit. Many people, unfortunately, seem to be confused into thinking that the New Covenant scriptures (Brit Chadasha) were inspired by Elohiym in Greek and were also written in Greek!! But logically, that could not be so because the New Covenant is simply a seamless continuation of the Old, and no two different things (Ivrit and Greek) can form a seamless piece of cloth; also, the Old is the shadow of the New—in fact, the Old begat the New.

So whatever Greek, Latin, or English Bibles, or portions, such as the Septuagint of the Old Covenant or Greek Textus Receptus of the New Covenant, etc, which are available in the world are NOT THE INSPIRED Word of Elohiym, but translations by man. Sadly, none of these translations were instructed or mandated by Elohiym to be done and so did not have His supervision; unlike the Tanakh and Brit Chadasha.

Bible translators of their own will decided to do these translations and so riddled their work with all manner of human errors, which have not only clouded but also fatally damaged the TRUTH!! This is the reason why we have all the numerous “versions” (or are they rather “perversions”?) of the Bible, all of which constantly try to improve upon their credibility and or authenticity through various editions, year in, year out! Can you imagine the Word of Elohiym improving on its own credibility, year by year?? And so, this gives the Bible away as being bereft of Truth!!

The common flaws of every Bible are the translations of Ivrit-names of all characters, titles held by Ivri people, names of places, feasts of Elohiym, etc. The most damaging in all of these translations is their change in the name of the principal character of the Ivrit Holy Scriptures—the Son of Elohiym—from Ivrit to Greek, and then to Latin, and finally to English, even when Elohiym found it necessary to send a malak (angel) on two occasions to give an Ivri name of His Son to mankind—cf. Mattit-Yahu (Matthew) 1:21, Lukas (Luke 1:31)—so the world would never make any mistakes in this to ever call His Son by any different name!!

It is not only ridiculous and unacceptable to translate a proper noun, but eternally damaging, in particular, to translate names of people since a name is peculiar to a particular culture and cannot be translated into the language of a different culture and still be deemed to have the same power and effect!!

Only simple-minded people would deem a name translatable, and that, when translated, the new name will be same in value and effect as the original! So, only simple-minded people will find nothing wrong with the Ivrit name of the Savior (YAHUSHUA) being translated into a Greek one (IZEUS or IESOUS, evolving into the English JESUS ultimately)!! In any case, why do we not stick to the Ivrit name of the Savior—YAHUSHUA—instead of being delighted with the counterfeit JESUS CHRIST if both names indeed mean the same??

When bible translators, Christian theologians and bible-wielding preachers teach that the Savior is called JESUS CHRIST, they teach blatant lies! This I cannot accept. And for me to read in Acts 9:5, KJV, a statement attributed to the Savior, thus, “I am JESUS whom thou persecutest”, caps mine, said to have been made at a time the English name “JESUS” had not yet come to be known in the world, makes me want to punch some translator on the nose, if I could find any or even be able to act on this impulse at all!
All the thoughts and convictions I hold have come to me as I meditate on the Word of Elohiym in fasting and prayer, and not that I know of some theologian who knows them to teach me. I am happy that Ruach HaKodesh (a name translated as Holy Spirit?) is my Teacher and that He aids me to teach the truths of Elohiym to my generation. You may see that what I teach is new to most people and may, thus, appreciate that I teach what I receive through a rare inspired revelation from Elohiym.
It is a joy that I am not alone in this. You may have heard of “The Orthodox Jewish Bible” and or “The Corrected King James Version Bible”. Happily, this is not another revision of the King James (into some New New King James), but a complete CORRECTION—aimed at removing all lies!! These two works should bring hope to a deceived world. In both works, the words JESUS CHRIST cannot be found and so, despite the fact that they may have some limitations, they are bound to set mankind thinking to walk toward having and believing the TRUTH!

So then, instead of taking up your challenge to me to study Ivrit to enable me rewrite the Bible into Ivrit, please be informed by these two works and have hope. The Bible, as it has stood over the ages, is fraudulent and is, thankfully, now being replaced!!

Are you challenging my claim that the word “Christianity” is not mentioned in the entire Bible? Well, you have to prove me wrong! Your reference to Acts 11:26 is simply out of place. You must know that whatever faith that never originated from Yisroel CANNOT SAVE, for, salvation belongs to Ivriim—cf. Yahu-Chanan (John) 4:22. If the world ONLY first knew about Christians in Antioch, a jurisdiction outside of Yisroel—the jurisdiction ordained by Elohiym for the salvation message to spread out from—then you must accept that Christianity is not the saving faith simply because it did not originate from Yisroel!!

Andre, I think you very wrongly posit and ask: “One of the most influential theologians of the Christian faith is Paul, a well versed in Hebrew and Greek. Could it be that you are the first person to have better grasp of Hebrew and Greek languages? You will find that the church had a very good number of converted Greek philosophers like Philo and Justin. Were all these people incompetent?”

Please know that what problems we have with the Bible came because translators who came much later after Sha’ul had passed on, did not put logic and common sense into their work and so erred by translating Ivrit names into Greek ones!! If these people you say were “well versed in Hebrew and Greek” were around when the Ivrit Holy Scriptures were translated into the Bible, they would have stopped it because no mandate had come from Elohiym to undertake such a task on His behalf or they would have ensured that the name of their Master, the Savior of the world, was not changed from YAHUSHUA to JESUS CHRIST; or their own names from Shimon Kefa to Simon Peter, Yahu-Chanan to John or Johannes, Mattit-Yahu to Matthew, Sha’ul or Saul or Paul, Yaakov to James, etc.

As you know, the message of salvation was delivered principally to Ivrim in Ivrit and was meant to be understood in this language. That is why Ivrit names of people and places are heavily loaded with meaning and power. I am sure I have already led you into the power of some of these names in my previous article.

Let me add to these revelations on the meanings of Ivrit names, yet another one—from the name Beit-Lechem, corrupted into Bethlehem by Bible translators. Whereas Beit-Lechem means “House of Bread”, Bethlehem is, obviously, meaningless! When, by the claim of the Savior as being the “Bread of Life”, the eyes of people are naturally opened to accept him as being indeed so, according to the city of his birth—the City of Bread (Beit-Lechem)—those who only know of the corrupted name Bethlehem are denied any fascination, display of wisdom, and thrill in the revelation of Elohiym in Beit-Lechem, in being the place of descent of His Son, the “Bread of Life”!!

Andre, I suppose from all what I have said in my responses to your concerns, you would be aided to know a little more about me to want to continue a conversation with me or otherwise. If also you read my article titled—Christianity Yet To Save It’s First Soul for Elohiym’s Kingdom (Parts 1-3)—you would have been led deeper into my beliefs and thoughts to make you decide to befriend me or not to!

I would like to wish you the peace of the Almighty and to end here. My best regards to you all the good people of Mozambique. Shalom Aleikhem.

Chris Bapuohyele | Official Author Website.