thumb (12)WELCOME TO 2014. To the Christian community worldwide, the Lord God Almighty through the Holy Spirit salutes all His children and the faithful believers. He says this year 2014 will be a year of breakthrough, power and accomplishments to all His faithful worshippers who have not fainted and continue to keep the faith. He says He sees all the tribulations we are going through but as He promised, He is coming back shortly and we should hold unto our faith. He says the year 2014 will be a year of reward for some, judgement for some, promotion for some, demotion for some, completion for some and year of comeuppance for some. The Lord God Almighty through the Spirit of Truth say; His seven Spirits are going to and fro all over the earth to reward, pull down and execute judgement this year, because as He said in Genesis, He is still upholding the Law of Sowing and Reaping. “As long as the earth endures, seedtime and harvest,cold and heat, summer and winter, day and night will never cease,” (Genesis 8: 22).

Every seven years, multiplied by two which will be fourteen is the beginning of another generation (Mathew 1: 17). Every seven years amount to year of completion and in the first 14 years of the New Millennium, the Holy Spirit says this is the commencement of a New Generation. For the faithful worshippers and followers of the True Lord God Almighty, He says He will reward. For those whose hearts have not been steadfast toward Him, He warns they should rekindle their burning fire, redouble their efforts in worship and rededicate themselves. Many Christians will rise and shine this year; while the fainthearted will fall. The Lord God says His Second Coming is approaching and beginning from this year 2014; He will begin to show His imminent return with signs and wonders hitherto unseen in the world until now. He says the demon-god of Mammon has infiltrated the church and His children are at ease on Mt. Zion (Amos 6: 1). The Holy Spirit says the church is imitating the world instead of the world looking unto the church for salvation. Holiness and righteousness are no more emphasized by church leaders and the virtues of temperance, love and humility have taken back burners in His house-that is the church. The Lord Jesus Christ is not pleased with what is going on in His house as the love of many Christians are waning and unity among brethren is lacking. He is not pleased with church elders, who are not leading and living by examples. He wants us all believers to wake up, be more prayerful and intensify our evangelistic activities, because we are the ones delaying His Second Coming. He said pastors, missionaries, apostles and teachers are not teaching the real Good News as He commanded us (Mathew 28: 18-20). He said the lure of money is corroding the church. He asks that we all believers all over the world should repent and go back to the original Gospel He handed over to the early apostles, otherwise, He will shake His body (church) beginning from this year and remove all the vestiges of Mammon from His assembly.

Globally, the Holy Spirit says economic hardships will continue as He told us on the eve of His physical departure. Only those who faithfully seek His face and rely on Him for sustenance will survive the economic turmoil that will engulf the entire world. He said this is how those who belong to Him will know He’s coming quickly and will not tarry longer (Revelation 3: 11). The Lord Jesus Christ mentioned three reasons that is holding His Second Coming: (1) the church is not spreading the Good News as it should and many souls around the world are yet to hear of the Good News (Mathew 24: 14); (2) the Lord said He is concerned about the faith and activities of many who called themselves His own but are living double lives; especially pastors and church leaders who are not taking care of the flock; that have turned themselves into tin-gods and continue to share in His glory for themselves rather than for Him. He wants such leaders to repent and forsake their evil ways (Jeremiah 32: 32). Thirdly and finally, the Holy Spirit says many souls are desperate to know the Truth; Jesus Christ is the Truth; and He knows those souls and He is allowing them to seek Him and find Him for they will find Him. The unbelievers too are still yet to come to Him; the King of Kings, Lord of lords and the First and the Last says He loves these unbelievers and if they repent, forsake their evil ways and turn to Him, He will manifest Himself to them. He said those unbelievers who think they have gone too far and there is no hope for them; He is their Maker, Hope, Consolation and their Lord and if they avail themselves of the window of opportunity He has given them before His imminent return, He will heal their hearts and remove their hearts of stone, substitute those stone hearts with hearts of flesh, give them a new spirit and His Holy Spirit so they would know He is the Alpha and the Omega (Ezekiel 36: 23-27).

PROPHECIES ABOUT AFRICA: The Jehovah Lord God Almighty Who created the heavens and the earth said He loves the Continent of Africa. He said He didn’t make a mistake when He created the people of the Continent (Acts 17: 26). He said He is realigning global resources more than ever before to make Africa the center of evangelism and grace. He said He is beginning to raise men and women after His heart that will listen to Him and do as He wants to position Africa as the center of the universe. He said He is pleased with how Africans are now in the forefront of evangelistic activities and spreading the Gospel around the world and those in these end-time missionary activities will nevertheless lose their rewards. He said Africans complain of bad leadership, it is not His fault and His own making but until the church in Africa will rise up and call on Him, then He will see good leader to send them but the ones now available are the leaders. The Lord said: – “if my people, who are called by my name, shall humble themselves, and pray, and seek my face, and turn from their wicked ways; then will I hear from heaven, and will forgive their sin, and will heal their land.” (2 Chronicles 7:14).

He said His people –the Church and Christian leaders and worshippers-do not operate in love and unity; few pray for Africa and majority of the prayer requests coming to heaven are for individual needs. He said bad leaders in Africa perpetrate evil and oppress their people because those Christian leaders who He made as watchmen collude with the bad leaders to impoverish the people, including His own people. He said; say to African churches and their leaders: “…I have made you a watchman for the people of Israel; so hear the word I speak and give them warning from me,” (Ezekiel 3: 17; 33: 7). He said all church leaders He sent as watchmen and women over the poor, orphans, the widows, the fatherless and the oppressed seeking justice but got none from African leaders will account before Him beginning from the year 2014 and also on the Last Day. Hear what the Holy Spirit says to African leaders; secular and political and especially their religious side-kicks: “The LORD God said: Ezekiel, son of man, Israel’s leaders are like shepherds taking care of my sheep, the people of Israel. But I want you to condemn these leaders and tell them: I, the LORD God, say you shepherds of Israel are doomed! You take care of yourselves while ignoring my sheep. You drink their milk and use their wool to make your clothes. Then you butcher the best ones for food. But you don’t take care of the flock! You have never protected the weak ones or healed the sick ones or bandaged those that get hurt. You let them wander off and never look for those that get lost. You are cruel and mean to my sheep. They strayed in every direction, and because there was no shepherd to watch them, they were attacked and eaten by wild animals. So my sheep were scattered across the earth. They roamed on hills and mountains, without anyone even bothering to look for them. Now listen to what I, the living LORD God, am saying to you shepherds. My sheep have been attacked and eaten by wild animals, because you refused to watch them. You never went looking for the lost ones, and you fed yourselves without feeding my sheep. So I, the LORD, will punish you! I will rescue my sheep from you and never let you be their shepherd again or butcher them for food. I, the LORD, have spoken.” (Ezekiel 34: 1-10).

The Holy Spirit says I should tell the poor, the fatherless, the oppressed, orphans and widows of Africa that they do not seek His face but seek false gods and idols instead of “depending on Him alone and put their hope solely on Him-the only Hope of the oppressed,” (Psalm 62: 5). And it is when they do this, that is; Come unto Him all Africans who are troubled and weighted down with care will He give them rest. He said He is not like the false gods, goddesses and idols they run to and worship, because He is gentle and without pride, and they should take His yoke and become like Him and they will have rest for their souls, for His yoke is good and the weight He takes up is not hard (Mathew 11: 28-30).

The Lord God said until He finds men and women who will stand in the gap for Africa, He will put those He sees now in leadership positions. He said until African themselves stop worshipping Mammon; their corrupt leaders will continue to steal and impoverish the people. But beginning from this year 2014, the Lord God Almighty says many of the corrupt African leaders fattening themselves on the day of slaughter will begin to face His judgment. He says; tell corrupt African leaders, their business collaborators and their religious racketeer props: “Now listen, you rich people, weep and wail because of the misery that is coming upon you. Your wealth has rotted, and moths have eaten your clothes. Your gold and silver are corroded. Their corrosion will testify against you and eat your flesh like fire. You have hoarded wealth in the last days. Look! The wages you failed to pay the workmen who mowed your fields are crying out against you. The cries of the harvesters have reached the ears of the Lord Almighty. You have lived on earth in luxury and self-indulgence. You have fattened yourselves in the day of slaughter. You have condemned and murdered innocent men, who were not opposing you.” (James 5: 1-6). The Lord God Almighty says, beginning from this year 2014; many of these African leaders who have been oppressing the poor, the orphans, the widows and the fatherless and He has given them time to repent but have refused to repent will face His judgment beginning from their households. He said many will die unceremoniously and suddenly; He will kill some through plane crashes; heart attacks and incurable diseases, their wives He will kill at their primes, their children He will inflict with strange diseases and many He will disgrace publicly both at home and abroad

The Lord God Almighty says through the Holy Spirit, He has set His eyes against some African countries, especially where many of His sons and daughters have been killed innocently. He said He hasn’t forgotten the cries, tears, sobbing and wailings of small children, battered women, widows and innocent lives killed and murdered unjustly in those nations. He said the blood of these innocent lives have reached Him on His Throne in the Highest of heavens and beginning from this year 2014, He will begin to avenge the deaths of these innocent souls. The Holy Spirit of the Living God says, I should tell those innocent souls and those injured in the course of holding steadfast to their belief, trust and faith in Him that they should not flinch and stand their ground, because starting from this year 2014: “Behold, I am going to plead your case and exact full vengeance for you” (Jeremiah 51:36).

AFRICA’S ECONOMIC PROSPERITY: The Lord says; Africa is dear to His heart and will continue to prosper the continent in terms of natural resources. He said this year 2014; a new natural resource will be discovered in the continent. Many other African countries will discover new reservoirs of oil and petroleum products and Africa will continue to attract foreign investments and investors. The Lord God says He will raise a new crop of young African entrepreneurs this year 2014, and if they seek His face and move closer to Him, He will give them knowledge and wisdom to make new technological and scientific breakthroughs. He says, I should tell His people-the Christians-that they will smile this year, because He will redistribute the wealth of the Gentiles (unbelievers) and prosper His own. He said all those who have been laboring for the past seven years wondering when their wealth and heavenly blessings will begin to flow; He says I should tell them; this year 2014 is the year of reward. The Lord says; all His people that made vows to Him and are yet to pay the vows should not expect to be a part of these heavenly prosperity.

The Holy Spirit says the days of long-reigning African dictators are over as two of them will pass away this year. There will be two coup attempts in two African nations this year; one in a tiny West African nation whose leader himself seized power and legitimized himself through democratic process. More incidents and cases of Islamic insurgence and terrorist activities will spread in Africa, especially from Northern Africa, the Maghreb to other parts of the continent. Strange things and events yet unheard of, especially in weather and climatic conditions, among humans and animals will occur in many parts of Africa this year. There will more bombings and guerrilla activities and many youth will take to crime and criminal activities as populations increase and the riches of Africa are monopolized by few elites at the detriment of the poor masses. AFRICAN SPORTS: The Lord God Almighty says He created sports and sporting activities, because He is the God of varieties. The Lord God says in His wisdom He put all these sporting events into the hearts and minds of human beings and His own coming to the heavenly mansions will discover that there are sports in heavens too. “For physical training is of some value, but godliness has value for all things, holding promise for both the present life and the life to come,” (1 Timothy 4: 8) but the Spirit says; He is pained that many have taken sports as gods. He complains against some Christians too who hold double allegiances to Him and the demon-god of sports, especially soccer. He says; “Tell them to repent of this man-made god and idol.” AFRICAN ENTERTAINMENT: Like their fellow sportsmen and women, the Lord God Almighty says He would henceforth set His face against those who have turned entertainment into avenues to glorify Satan and his demons. The Holy Spirit warns even Christians who do not know their spiritual balance and join in glorifying such objects passed out as mere entertainment by bringing them into their homes. The Lord God through His Spirit says; Christians that open the demonic doorways into their homes and families, through which their children and loved ones are infected, should repent of such sins and remove such “entertainment ornaments” out of their homes. The Holy Spirit has harsh words for the entertainers, actors and actresses who consult mediums, witches, wizards and necromancers and give themselves out as canon-folders/agents for Satan to project their thoughts and agendas into the human race through entertainment thus corrupting many, especially Christians

The Lord God Almighty, through the Holy Spirit says all musicians, entertainers, actors, actresses, comedians who flout His law and put tattoos on their bodies will face His wrath beginning from this year 2014. The Holy Spirit says; remind them of my Law: “’Do not cut your bodies for the dead or put tattoo marks on yourselves. I am the LORD,” (Leviticus 19: 28). Beginning from this year, the Holy Spirit says, He will be executing judgment against African entertainers, musicians, actors, actresses, comedians and comedienne who have sold themselves to Satan by exposing them through deaths via Sexually-Transmitted Diseases (STD), AIDS and other deadly ailments. Many will die through ghastly motor-accidents and incurable diseases unless they repent of their sins and seek His forgiveness.

AFRICA’S SOCIO-ECONOMIC PROSPECTS AND OUTLOOK: The Lord God Almighty through the Holy Spirit says, He will bless the farmers this year. He says those who seek His face and put their faith in Him will have bountiful harvest, rain will come in its due season and the weather will cooperate and work for and not against the African farmers. The Holy Spirit says His children should explore avenues to invest in the land and farming as He will abundantly bless.

EUROPE: The Lord God Almighty says He was behind the formation of the European Union (EU) in fulfillment of Bible prophecy but says; “Tell them-the EU leaders-I will set my face against the EU, because they think they can take Me out of their affairs.” There will be several attempts by the EU to remove all vestiges and mention of the Name of our Lord Jesus Christ from every policy this year and as this generation 2014-2021 continues, but the Holy Spirit says, He will work behind the scenes, using mostly immigrants to commence a re-awakening and earth-shattering Christian revival never seen in human history. The Lord Almighty says Germany will try to dominate the EU while the UK will witness an economic revolution this year. The Lord God Almighty says, if the EU continues to enact policies against Him and His children to hinder the spread of the Good News, He will show His anger and displeasure through weather. The climatic conditions and weather problems experienced throughout Europe last year will be a child’s play as to the harsh weather and climatic conditions that are in the offing. (The Second and subsequent parts will elucidate more on each of the nations in the EU).

ASIA: There will be great Christian and evangelistic revivals in Asia this year and in the New Generation 2014-2021. Christian evangelists and missionaries that are called to ministry in Asia should brace up as China and Russia, including their former independent satellites will enact policies in many socio-economic spheres of life hitherto imagined that will open veritable doorway for the Good News. There will continue to be tensions in the DMZ between North and South Koreas and a worldwide event will occur this year in North Korea. The Christian brethren in South Korea will receive many answers to many prayer requests, especially peace and security between South Korea and their neighbors. Christians in Asia and around the world should pray for peace between Japan and China.

Another worse tsunami and devastating cyclone will occur again this year in some parts of Asia. There will be escalations of border crises between Pakistan and India this year and both nations will flex military muscles through nuclear bombs. There will be another round of insurgence by the Tamil Tigers Terrorist Organization in Sri Lanka this year to the bemusement of the government. President Vladimir Putin of Russia and China will surreptitiously begin to plot behind the scenes in 2014 to introduce a new world currency as a counterpoise against the United States Dollars, which will cause tension in the G 8. (The Second and subsequent parts will elucidate more on each of the nations in Asia).

THE MIDDLE EAST: There will continue to be wars, instability and general state of anarchy in the Arab world and Israel will increasingly be the butts of hatred and animosity from her Arab neighbors in fulfillment of Bible prophecy. A new group of Islamic terrorist organization will spring up this year and announce the firing of Ayman al-Zawahiri. The factional in-fighting will lead to power struggle and more of Al-Qaeda leaders will be eliminated by the United States (See section of Prophecies about the USA in subsequent editions). The King of Saudi Arabia should pray for his life in order to survive 2014. Ehud Barak should pray against undiagnosed ailment in 2014 and sickness. Former President Hosni Mubarak of Egypt may not survive the year 2014. AUSTRALIA AND NEW ZEALAND: The Australasia Zone will experience peace and tranquility in 2014. Attempts will be made to re-introduce a legislation legalizing gay marriage in Australia and will cause serious tension. A great revival never seen in human history will sweep Indonesia in 2014.

SOUTH AMERICA, THE CARIBBEAN AND LATIN AMERICA: Former President Fidel Castro should pray against sudden death in 2014. Another deadly earthquake will occur in a Latin American nation in 2014 comparable to the deadly earthquake that occurred in Haiti in 2010. Argentina and Brazil will continue to see influx of foreigners. Activities of drug lords, targeted assassinations, disappearances, insecurity and general lawlessness will accentuate in Mexico in 2014 forcing the United States to be heavily involved in the escalating war against illicit drugs and drug lords. A popular Jamaican artiste, actress/musician will pass away this year. (We will elucidate more on each of the nations in South America, the Caribbean and Latin America in subsequent articles in these series. These are general overview and a broad sweep of global events around the world in 2014. We will go into specifics and details in subsequent series throughout January 2014).

Next Week, we will look at each of the nations in Africa beginning with Algeria and end with Zimbabwe and unveil prophecies about the United States of America for 2014.

*Dr. Fayemiwo, CEO, Alternative Lifestyle Communication, DBA Chicago and co-author of “The Kingdom of Satan Exposed,” is head of Global Missions and professor of Biblical Exegesis at Kingdom Bible College and Seminary, Tucson, Arizona, USA. He can be reached at Visit his website: http://www.