Mahama relaxes and sleeps easily – Secretary


90769285Executive Secretary to President Mahama has indicated that criticisms against the president and series of scandalous allegations that have rocked his government are not grounding enough to deprive the president of his sleep.

The president, Ambassador Kwasi Quartey pointed out,he is not worried about those criticisms and scandals, and for that matter is able to sleep easily.

The Ambassador was speaking in an exclusive interview with 3FM News. President Mahama appears to have developed a thick skin for criticisms, some he has described as baseless.

When asked if the president is worried about the series of scandals, Ambassador Quartey replied: “No, he is not losing any sleep over that. I see him as somebody who relaxes very easily.

He sleeps very easily.” Communication skills The Executive Secretary has also mounted a strong defence for the president’s communication skills.

Some utterances by president Mahama have attracted sharp condemnation from a section of the public. This includes his description of the NPP acting National Chairman as Opana and his recent reaction to the Ford Expedition controversy. “He communicates excellently.

I will say that he is somebody with a sense of perspective and a delightful sense of humor.

He is able to see the funny side of things. He is somebody who is very rounded. “…calling Opana Opana for example, whoever that is, brought in a little touch of humor and he doused the harshness that criticism was supposed to portend,” he remarked.