Buy your own Mitre balls – Daara to clubs


82209259GFA Communications Director Ibrahim Sannie Daara has urged club owners to purchase their own Mitre balls and stop complaining over delays in releasing the officials ones.

According to players in the league, the GFA often delays in the supply of balls for pre-season, prompting complains from players since they are unable to adjust to the match-balls introduced for each season’s league.

But Daara expects players to force their clubs to purchase the balls for them on time and stop blaming the Ghana FA.

“If the release is slow and the club is interested in winning its matches the shops are here. You can buy these balls, yes it is our duty to provide them with some of the balls so they can have a feel of it.

“But for their own interest, they should be able to go to the shops and buy them because they want to win their matches so let’s buy them and play with it and stop complaining,” he told Starr Sports.