Prophet Kobi: I never said Mahama will win ‘one -touch’


52352699The Leader and Founder of Glorious Waves Church International, Prophet Emmanuel Badu Kobi, has denied predicting a one touch victory for President John Dramani Mahama in the upcoming polls.

Over the weekend, some online portals reported that the respected Prophet had predicted a one touch victory for the ruling party. The reports further claimed, the NPP intends to cause mayhem if the elections do not go their way.

“I saw NPP shooting and creating problems; we have to pray against war in Ghana. 2016 elections must be peaceful, no all-die-be-die,” he was quoted as saying.

The alleged remarks did not go down well with some NPP sympathisers, who lambasted the prophet on social media.

However, speaking with Roman Fada, host of Atinka FM Mid-morning show, ‘Edwumaa oo” Monday, Prophet Kobi said he was terribly misquoted and said he rather asked his congregation to pray for a peaceful election.

“I never said President Mahama would win the election … what I said was that I had a vision that there was an attempted to rig the election in favour of one of the candidates, and this could lead to violence and confusion.

“The issue of President Mahama winning one touch never came up at all,” he pointed out.

“Based on this revelation from God, I asked my congregation during the all- night service on June 3 to pray hard to prevent this impending calamity and bloodshed. I never declared that President Mahama would win one touch,” the prophet told Roman Fada.

He was saddened by the attacks on him by some elements within the NPP based on false reports and urged them to always be sure of their facts before attacking people. According to him, these kinds of beaviours are the reasons why the party lost the two elections.

He advised them to seek spiritual guidance for their leader for him to win the election and not launch unnecessary attacks on Men of God merely based on false reports .

Prophet Kobi said Nana Akudo Addo has spiritually won the election but there are some spiritual help that the NPP leader must seek to activate the victory in the physical.

He advised the NPP to stop talking too much and focus on the most important things like spiritually fortifying their leader to prevent victory from being ‘snatched’ away from him for the third time.

If Nana wants to win the election, he knows what to do. If he doesn’t do it, President Mahama will once again snatch victory him,” he further warned.

“Spiritually, if you look at it, Nana Addo has won the election but how to make that manifest in the physical realm is another issue,” Prophet Kobi added.