Why Is Dr. Juanita Bynum Trying To Be Like Beyonce?


By Victor Ochieng

Bishop-elect Juanita Bynum is known for her spiritually edifying online teachings. Through her gospel words, she comes forth as an anointed vessel of the Lord sent to shine light to the world. She makes good use of her Live Facebook show, @withme, to bless many people from across the globe.

Having said that, it’s important to speak up when something isn’t going right. Somehow, Dr. Bynum has allowed some cult like milieu to get hold of her and her avid followers.

Nowhere in the Bible are we called “Bumblebees.” Instead we’re called sheep, bride, the church, and the priesthood among others. The fundamental message that we get from the scriptures is that in everything we do, say, or think, the glory should be to our Lord God. Therefore, words of praise and gratification should only be directed to Jehovah and no one else.

But Dr. Bynum must be tripping. Her “Bumblebee symbol” is raising eyebrows. In fact, it appears, vividly, that it’s not for the glory of God but for her personal satisfaction and feeling of achievement. And why does she refer to her followers as “Bumblebees?” Oh, and why refer to herself as “Mama” Bee?

This is the same kind of behavior manifested by R&B sensation, Beyonce Knowles, who also refers to her fans as Bumblebees and to herself as “Queen B.”

Below is a social media comment made by someone who also found Dr. Bynum’s acts disturbing:

“What do Beyonce Knowles Carter and Dr. Ambassador/Bishop/Prophetess Juanita Bynum have in common they call their fans bees; one call herself Queen bee the other one calls herself mother bee and they have bumblebees. So I inbox Dr. Bynum and ask openly on her page please explain it to me Dr. Ambassador Bishop Prophetess Bynum about the bee movement. She never responded but her followers did with calling me stupid, a coward and it needs no explanations [that] they are [out] to protect ‘Mother Bee’ so I said to them, isn’t that how the beehive fans act to the queen bee meaning Beyonce but nobody answer the question to why are they calling themselves bumble bee’s ladies (and gentlemen).”

Biblically speaking, what Dr. Bynum is bringing to her ministry isn’t right by all standards. Let her stick to evangelizing and stay away from acts that are only likely to keep others away.



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