Why Has Celebrity Evangelist Clayton Jennings Been “Fired” From His Christian Ministry?


By Victor Ochieng

The self-proclaimed man of God, Clayton Jennings, an evangelist, author and poet, who came to fame through his poetic gospel messages has found himself between a rock and a hard place. This is after his ministerial credentials were revoked by Harbor Shores Church of Cicero, Indiana, where his father is a senior pastor.

The revocation follows numerous reports by women claiming that they were lured into s*xual sin by Jennings. The rogue evangelist reportedly promised to marry the women, separately. Jennings too came forward and confessed to having had s*x outside marriage.

Some women, who claim to have been Jennings’ victims, said the evangelist used alcohol to woo them into s*xual sin before pushing them to take morning after pills to avoid pregnancy for fear of jeopardizing his career. According to the Christian News Network, at least six women have opened up about being s*xually used by the evangelist.

“I told him I had never been in a serious relationship and so had never been with a guy physically that way before. He would then take my hands in an effort to ‘teach me what to do.’ I felt like a broken record telling him that I was a virgin and wanted to save myself for marriage,” one woman recounted her experience at the hands of the 28-year-old Jennings before he got married.

“We didn’t actually have s*x, but I was pressured into being s*xually intimate with him in other ways. I told him that it was my belief that s*xual favors (of all forms) outside of marriage is a sin against God. He would stare at me with such a confused look on his face as he assured me ‘No, it’s not the same’ and because of his authority as a ‘minister,’ I believed him and gave in.”

In a series of investigative pieces published on Polemics Report and authored by blogger JD Hall, the author shares accounts of several women who allege to have been victims of the evangelist’s sinful machinations.

Hall further claims that as he delved deeper into his investigations, Jennings offered him some “sizable” sum of money, but he declined to take it.

“When we began this endeavor, Jennings sent me a sizable amount of money [which I returned, calling it a bribe], and then one of Jennings’ ‘mentors’ threatened to sue me. After it became clear that we wouldn’t relent, Jennings released a video with a different mentor, advocating his restoration,” wrote Hall.

After the bribery claims, The Christian Post reached out to Jennings for comment, but his team denied it, saying Hall lied and was thus guilty of slandering Jennings. They, however, admitted that Jennings gave Hall some money about a year ago, but say it wasn’t a bribe since Hall hadn’t even started his investigations at the time. He simply “did it to be kind,” they said.

The reports reached the elders of Harbor Shores Church and they made a decision to withdraw Jennings’ ministry license.


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