Why Are Christian Men No Longer Marrying That Good Church Girl?


By Victor Ochieng

No one wants to marry a troublesome and nagging woman. This is why many men take their time to understand a woman before popping that question. For years, there was a widely held notion that good girls are in church, and that’s why many people turned to the church to get women to settle down with

However, that’s no longer the case as more Christian men are marrying from outside their faith. In fact, some of these men even choose to marry a non-believing woman before starting on a journey to convert them to their faith.

It’s so rampant that we’ve seen Christian men, including celebrities, who, regardless of their faith, go out of the church to get a partner. It’s become so bad that some single Christian women have complained about the trend.

A good example is gospel artist Israel Houghton, who found love in Adrienne Bailon, a singer and a television talk show host who’s not of his faith. Pastor Devon Franklin on the other hand went for actress Megan Good.

While it can be easily argued that it’s all about love and nothing more, single Christian women are asking why?

Below are six probable reasons why:

Savior Complex – There is a possibility that many Christian men are opting for women outside the church in a bid to share their salvation, knowing that women in church are already on the right path. Such men are, therefore, looking for a woman whom they feel needs to be brought to spiritual light.

Celibacy Challenge – Many Christian women insist on having s*x only after marriage. This isn’t what every man is looking for. As such, some men decide to marry women who are non-believers so that they can enjoy s*x before marriage.

Too religious – Women come forth as the most religious. And for Christian women, some values become key to their lifestyles. Many choose a lifestyle that involves regular Bible study, long prayers, and fasting, yet some Christian men don’t find these desirable.

Boring Social Life – There is a widely held view that born-again women lack a fun-filled social life. Many men, therefore, feel that marrying a Christian woman means surrendering to a boring social life.

Lack S*xual Experience – Many men have noted that they would love to settle down with a woman who already has some s*xual experience. However, many people assume that Christian women are either virgins or have inadequate s*xual experience.

Ministry Works – Most Christian women take the scriptures so seriously that they spend so much of their time in the ministry. Such religious women spend a lot of their time evangelizing, attending church meetings and crusades among other church activities. Could this be the reason why Christian men go for women outside the church?


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