Wendy Shay Explains “the outfit” She Wore To Ex President Kuffour’s Residence

Wendy Shay Explains


Wendy shay has finally come out to explain why she wore the bodycon outfit to ex-president John A. Kuffuor’s residence.

According to Wendy shay she had a coat on but upon reaching the venue she removed it. She also said that her stylist chose an outfit for her to wear to the event but refused to wear it.

She blamed her family witches for making the wrong choice. Wendy added that she has learnt her lessons especially the feeback she got from social media.

When asked about her contract being terminated by the YEA. Wendy Shay said, “My contract has not been terminated as reported by the section of the media. I rendered an official apology and also the board cautioned and advised me so we are on good terms”

Watch full interview below

Source: www.odarteyghnews.com


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