[Watch] Ghana Lucifer Details The Rationale Behind His “Kofi City Life” Comedy Skits

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[Watch] Ghana Lucifer Details The Rationale Behind His
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A budding actor who doubles as a comedian, Yaw Asonaba, known in the showbiz industry as Ghana Lucifer has detailed his intention to educate Ghanaians in his new ” KofCity life” comedy skits. This informs innocent people how unscrupulous people dupe others through a professional way of begging.

In his first episode, the actor dressed decently and played the role of desperate traveler who was falsely robbed. He begged unsuspecting people for money to enable him return to his supposed destination.

In an answer to an interview question, he confessed that most people who parade themselves as beggars are not genuine. By extension, he revealed that it is the modus operandi of lazy people to get undeserved money from innocent people.

He makes an important point that people who otherwise would have been working to earn deserved money end up parading themselves as needy and beg for money, which according to him, must not be entertained.

He makes a proving point that he is aware of people who feign blindness and other impairments just to beg for money. He argues that it is not fair for somebody to feign an impairment and make money from innocent people who toil their blood before making ends meet.

He argues that it is time people stop giving undeserved money to these fake people in the name of charity. The purpose of this is to rid the streets off these fake people. In a statement of clarification, the actor is not calling on people not to attend to the needy, but people should be careful whom they give money to.

He is quoted as “Ghanaians are too generous. I think the high level of generosity of Ghanaians is also a cause of this. I wouldn’t say people shouldn’t be generous, but they have to be careful with those they see as beggars.

In the final analysis, he cautioned criminals who feign all sort of impairments in order to undeservedly take money from innocent people to back off this slippery trajectory. He says the law wouldn’t forgive any criminal who would be caught one day.


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