Vicky Zugah Claims Anal Sex Prevents Constipation

Vicky Zugah Claims Anal Sex Prevents Constipation

Ghanaian actress Vicky Zugah has asserted that anal sex prevents constipation and can be pleasurable for both couples.

She made this shocking revelation during a discussion on the rise of anal sex in marriages on Angel TV with show host Abena former GMB pageant.

Explaining her point, Vicky mentioned that some men are sex addicts and it becomes difficult for them to wait for their wives to finish with their period before having sex and as a result, it leads them to cheat on their partners. “It is difficult for some men to stay faithful to their women, so instead of opening a gateway for your man to cheat, the woman should allow anal sex to happen. This will go a long way to save the marriage”. She further on added that she believes anal sex is pleasurable even though she personally hasn’t tried it before.

According to Vicky, anal sex is not as bad as some people make it seem. “I don’t believe anal sex is as bad as everyone claims. If anal sex is the only way I can save my marriage and prevent my husband from cheating, why will I deny him? We just need to come to a mutual understanding and at the end of the day we will both enjoy it.” She added.

However Ghanaian Actor cum Pastor, Timothy Bentum who was also a guest on the show disagreed with her assertion. According to Timothy, anal sex is sinful and also has a lot of health implications. He added that it is an unnatural way of having sex and the Bible vehemently frowns upon it.

“The world God created is perfect and if we humans try to alter the natural order of things, it will bring a lot of problems. Anal sex is wrong, it will kill you the woman, it will create a hole in your anus, it is an unnatural way of having sex..see I can go on and on…. Oral sex is safer and less dangerous compared to anal sex. You cannot marry someone’s daughter and subject her to such inhumane act.” He noted.

Pastor Bentum also quoted some scriptures to back his point. He advised married women who are with men who ask for anal sex to divorce them. Explaining his point, he said that, the Bible frowns on anything that disrupts the natural order of things and it is better to please God and divorce your spouse than to stay married to someone who forces you to do contrary to God’s word.

In her final statement, Vicky still stood by her point and said; “I am not forcing anyone to have anal sex but if that is the only way to save your marriage as a woman, you must not deny your husband the opportunity else a side chick who has no idea how much you have suffered from your husband will snatch him away from you. Do everything you can as a woman to save your marriage so that if it fails, your conscience will be free because you will leave the marriage knowing full well that you gave it your all.”

Pastor Timothy Bentum in his final words, added that; “there is no amount of sex, whether anal or oral that can keep a man. The only thing that can keep a man is a man who wants to be kept. Don’t force yourself to do something which will later affect your health in the future all in the name of keeping your marriage. Marriage will not take you to heaven, obeying the word of God will”.


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