EL Shares His View On M.anifest And Sarkodie’s Beef

e.l1Rapper Elorm Adablah popularly known as E.L has finally commented on the beef between Sarkodie and M.anifest which got the nation talking months past.

Sarkodie and M.anifest released songs to throw jabs at each other but E.L released a song running away from the feud even though people thought Sarkodie threw shots at him in one of his songs.

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The reigning artiste of the year in an interview with Pulse TV thinks his colleagues were just having fun with the songs “Kanta” and “godMC” they released but they were not release with any bad intent.

“I don’t think beef is the proper way to put it. Beef is very violent. It gets physical and people get hurt during beef. It wasn’t beef that was going on. It was just two artists or more entertaining. When a beef really happens people will know beef has happened. At least I don’t consider it as beef.”

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