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Verse 25 – Today’s verses lay out a plan for the profitable management of an ancient Israelite’s resources. We can learn from these instructions and devise a model for modern household management. “Hay” was made in Israel by leaving cut grasses in the fields to provide forage for livestock during the dry season, and also bundling it for future use. Grass emerged again when the rainy season began, but reserves could be used in the meantime. The business principle we derive from this is that we should retain a cash reserve to carry us through “dry spells.” This is especially important for businesses that are seasonal in nature, such as tourist services. This principle for households would mean putting money aside for emergencies, such as the replacement of major appliances or similar needs.

Verses 26-27 – The farmer’s herd would be used as follows: The wool of his lambs was used to make clothing for his family and servants. Some of his goats were used to buy land, and many kept as milk goats. The milk would then be used in several ways. The milk and its by-products fed his household, and the surplus was sold or bartered. From this, we see that to be successful in our homes or businesses we must devise an operating plan and a budget. Many people simply drift along with no plans for anything, lending credence to the saying that people who “fail to plan, plan to fail.” To accomplish anything for the Lord, we must have a plan. He will reveal His plans for us and establish them if we ask Him. If we are in trouble financially, it is encouraging to know that He will give us a plan for getting out of debt. Sometimes the first step out of debt is to repent of foolish spending and lack of obedience to God regarding tithing and giving. God has filled the Bible with instructions on handling money because He desires to bless His people. Some rebel at the thought of planning and budgeting, but according to today’s verses, it is clear that we all need a plan of action


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