Thought for the Day


Thought for the Day

Verse 15 – The Bible says that foolishness is in the hearts of all children. This is expressed by several words in Hebrew. One definition of foolishness is silliness. Children are notorious for doing silly things that could endanger their lives. Another Biblical definition of foolishness is rebellion, which can reside in a child even at a very young age. Both silliness and rebellion are dangerous attributes. When rebellion surfaces in a child, it is the parent’s duty to drive it out. In Day 97 we looked at the fact that if we love our children, we will consistently discipline them. In Day 175 we saw that it is important to begin disciplining our children at an early age, and that we must not allow their crying to deter us from disciplining them. In Day 235 we will look at how to discipline a child according to Biblical guidelines.

Children who are not properly disciplined are among the most miserable of children. Unruly and spoiled children are not the blessings that they should be to parents. When a child is given no boundaries, he or she feels lost. Children must have boundaries that are consistently maintained. If they are not maintained, it causes great harm to a child, since he will not only be in dangerous territory, but will also lose respect for authority. This is where we find so many of the youth of today. They are rebels who not only disrespect, but they openly defy all authority figures, such as teachers, policemen, clergy, and their own parents. The blame rests upon the parents of these children for not consistently disciplining them, as Proverbs teaches: “Withold not discipline from the child, for if you strike and punish him with the (reed-like) rod, he will not die. Thou shalt beat him with the rod, and shalt deliver his soul from hell” (Proverbs 23:13-14).

Verse 16 – If we take advantage of the poor and use them for our own advantage to make money, we ourselves will become poor. The Bible also tells us that if we give gifts to the rich to gain an advantage or favor from them, that will also bring us to want. There is nothing wrong with giving a wealthy friend a gift if it is given with the proper motives, and not with a manipulative reason. God looks at our hearts and motives and if they are impure, we will reap what we sow toward others. According to this scripture, when we take advantage of the poor and pander to the rich, we will come to poverty.


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