Thought for the Day


Verses 15-16 – Our study in Proverbs continues to emphasize the value of having God’s wisdom. These verses tell us that good rulers will rule justly, using sound wisdom. A student of history knows that since Christ’s resurrection the most prosperous kingdoms and nations have been those whose leaders exerted a Christian influence over their people. Historically, when true Christianity came to a region, those practicing Christ’s commands began to help the poor and oppressed. Many present-day universities, hospitals, and orphanages were founded by those who desired to demonstrate Christ’s love to a needy world. God always desires to help the weak and afflicted. Ungodly societies destroy their feeble, helpless, or otherwise “burdensome” members.

I pray that the ungodly practice of abortion will cease in all nations which legally allow and encourage it. Abortion adversely affects all of society. It runs completely against a basic respect for human life. The more we harden our hearts to protecting the sanctity of human life, the more susceptible we become to violent crimes against humanity. The consequence of murder is “a life for a life.” Many lives will be lost in any nation that practices abortion unless the people repent. “…the land cannot be cleansed of the blood that is shed therein, but by the blood of him that shed it” (Numbers 35:33b). Despite what those who believe in abortion rights claim, most abortions are not done to protect the mother’s life, but rather to allow the mother and father to escape their responsibility of caring for the little life that they created. Most abortions are sought out of selfishness: the parents do not want a child interfering with their plans. The Bible teaches that we must overcome selfishness, not encourage it.

Verse 17 – The Lord loves those who love Him. Love for God is shown by loving one another and keeping His commandments. If we desire God’s love and favor, we must seek Him “early,” before our nations are faced with severe judgment. We must turn back to God and obey His commandments.


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