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Verses 5-6 – Proverbs often uses poetic imagery to express truths. Here, as in Chapter 1, Wisdom is personified as a woman. Wisdom is to be sought, loved, exalted, and regarded as the principal thing to obtain. Anyone who seeks wisdom must seek her diligently, like a man seeking the attention of the woman he loves. When he wins her, he must not neglect her. Wisdom is not to be forsaken any more than the woman a man wins and marries.

The place to find wisdom is in God’s Word. That is also where we shall be able to keep her and forsake her not. Many people ask to be kept in safety by God and pray to that end, yet prayer alone is not enough; we must find and keep the Word of God. If we do not forsake God’s Word, but love it, then that very Word will preserve and keep us safe.

Verse 7-9 – Wisdom brings understanding. People who misunderstand God’s will and purposes become easy targets for the devil. Satan easily talks some Christians out of their rightful inheritance. Because they have no faith, they cannot receive God’s promises. That is why some Christians are overcomers and some are overcome. God does not love one of His children more than another. He loves us all equally, and is no respecter of persons (Acts 10:34-35). However, God is a respecter of His Word. A Christian who knows and applies the Word of God, has an advantage over one who does not. For example, if I read that Jesus died so that I might not only be saved, but also healed (Isaiah 53:4-3; John 1:2-3), I can appropriate healing by faith because God told me in His Word that He has provided healing for me, and He does not lie. However, if I have never studied those portions of the Bible, I may remain ill; deprived of my healing. This does not mean that God does not love me; it simply means that I am ignorant of that promise and may not even know to pray for healing.

We receive what we ask God for if we ask in faith according to His Word. Because some people do not seek the Lord diligently, they cannot spiritually hear what God has for them (Matthew 13:15-16). It is wise to study and obey God’s Word; as we do, we shall receive grace for our circumstances and a crown of glory!


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