The Idolatry of Men Swearing Oaths by a Cross!!


Part I
On December 30, 2016, former President John Dramani Mahama, who was yet to hand over the reins of the Government of Ghana to President Nana Addo Dankwa Akufo-Addo on January 7, 2017, led a Mr. Daniel Domelovo to swear the Oath of Office as the new Auditor General for the Republic of Ghana at the Flagstaff House!

Of course, I was not drawn into the brouhaha and public outcry that surrounded Mr. Demelovo’s appointment, in view of its closeness to the time of exit from office of His Excellency John Dramani Mahama, which many of my countrymen chose to be embroiled in!

I was however fascinated and even shocked at seeing a cross (crucifix?) held aloft, in an obvious show of sacred seriousness, by Mr. Domelovo as he swore an Oath of Office to the President and the nation, as is required of him in his new position!

I am sure readers too may be similarly intrigued as I have been by the photos of this swearing ceremony showing this spectacle of the auditor holding a cross as are posted on the Modern Ghana internet site, and so I am providing here the URL to readers for their viewing pleasure:

The Cross in focus here in this article is an item thought to have originally been made by man out of two strong timber beams of unequal lengths that were nailed together in a perpendicular fashion to each other, with the vertical component made to be much longer than the horizontal beam.

It is onto such a man-made structure of crossed timber beams that Christians have believed that the Savior of mankind was nailed to hang to die in his self-willed sacrifice for the salvation of mankind in Yisroel in ca. 30 CE (Common Era); and this, they have believed since the advent of Christianity in ca. 320 CE, over three centuries after all witnesses to the Savior’s death who could refute this much-acclaimed manner of death had long since passed on!!! Left with no witnesses, Christians have been stuck with this belief since 320 CE!

It has been thought by Christians of old and today that the Savior had his arms fully stretched out along either side of the horizontal beam, and that his torso and legs were placed on the longer part or the vertical component of this cross, with his wrists and feet nailed into position! Thereafter, the legs end of this cross was said to have been firmly stuck into a hole in the ground, with the Savior thus impaled on it and left hanging to slowly bleed to an asphyxiated death by malfunction of his internal organs!!

However, I can confidently say that the cross is one of the biggest deceptions of Christianity, because the true Savior of mankind was never sacrificed on such a structure! And yet, the cross is considered the very soul of Christianity?? So then, if the cross is a deception, all of Christianity must be the biggest deception ever crafted by the devil, the god of this world—cf. Qorintiyim Sheni (Second Corinthians??) 4:4—against mankind!!

I am sure anyone who has become used to reading my articles over the past year or so would have by now known and accepted that Christianity is a sham of the devil, and that this issue of the Savior dying on a cross is an integral part of and greatly fuels this sham!!

You see, everything that had to befall or happen to the Savior in his days on Earth had an antecedent to it revealed in the Tanakh (Old Testament?) and or was even foretold as a nevuah (prophecy?) as something that was destined to happen to him! But, nowhere in all the Tanakh do we learn of a cross upon which the Savior was to die in sacrifice for the remission of the sins of mankind.

In a revelation by the Savior himself prior to his sacrificial death, on how it was to bring healing and life to all who would believe in his true name, mission to Earth, and death, he likened this spiritual healing to a similar one that came to any children of Yisroel who, upon being bitten by a snake during their wilderness journey from Mitzrayim to Canaan, would look up at the replica of a snake made of brass by Mosh’El (Moses?) and hung on a pole (not a cross!) so as to be forever healed of the venom of the snake bite and, ultimately, of all diseases caused by the devil (the old serpent and god of this world of ours), in and by the Savior’s own sacrifice—cf. Bamidbar (Numbers??) 21:8-9 and YahuKhanan (John??) 3:14-15!!

So then, if the Savior made reference to a pole (or even a tree, as seen in other parts of scripture) as being the natural item of creation upon which his bruised body was to be hanged to die, then where from this idea of a man-made cross of Christians??

I bet you; the cross is the idea of the Roman Empire which established Roman Catholicism as the first and foremost brand of Christianity! Any belief in and veneration of the cross is, thus, an honor rendered to the memory of the Roman Empire and the spirit that established and backed it!! And since Roman Catholicism is what later begat all the known brands of Christianity we hear of and see today, which are collectively known as Protestantism, then Protestant adherents of Christianity too, in their veneration of the cross, pay homage, unawares, and render perpetual service to a defunct Roman Empire and Roman Catholicism, from whose allegiance they think to have broken away and yet remain bound and loyal to!! Oh, what a life of deception believers in the cross have been tricked to live; and in unholy and ignorant zeal!!

You see, the armies of the Roman Empire had, as their banner, a light wooden cross with a band of crimson or white cloth arranged to loosely hang on the two horizontal arms of this wooden cross, borne or held aloft as a flag in the lead of any invading infantry or cavalry and on masts of their ships, to herald their advance into nations they waged wars against.

It is this emblem of the armies of the Roman Empire which was adapted by its Commander-in-Chief, Emperor Constantine, when he established Christianity [Roman Catholicism, or pagan Christianity if you will] as the “new” religion of his empire, into a so-called cross of crucifixion upon which the Savior is said to have been nailed to his death in an event that had happened about three centuries earlier!!

So then, the cross is obviously a thing of brainwashing made to become the banner of Christianity, in a deliberate fusion with or as successor of the banner of the Roman Empire—and thus the reason why Roman Catholicism or Christianity is forever intrinsically related and obligated to the spirit of a long-dead physical Roman Empire. Funnily, in as much as Christianity, (the mother of which is Roman Catholicism), is alive, the Roman Empire and its spirit force or power that backs it is also forever alive—and so, Rome never dies!!

History shows that the cross was used in Goy lands of the East as a symbol of idol worship many centuries before the coming of the Savior and the birth of Emperor Constantine. For example, there is, in the British Museum, a statue of the Assyrian king Samsi-Vul, who was the son of Shalmaneser, around whose neck is an almost perfect Maltese cross!! Accompanying the figure to that of Samsi-Vul is another, that of Ashur-nasir-pal (a king of Assyria), also bearing a similar cross.

These give evidence to the popularity of the cross among Assyrian pagan idol worshippers long before the death of the Savior, and of the fact that Constantine himself, a diligent worshipper of Assyrian deities, borrowed it into his creation of Christianity while feigning an abrogation of loyalty to those deities!

Again, in this British Museum, a statute of the ancient Greek goddess Diana is pictured with a cross over her head, in much the same way that the “Virgin Mary” of Roman Catholics is represented by many medieval artists. Bacchus, the Greek idol in charge of wine, is often pictured wearing a headdress adorned with crosses. Also, long before the coming of the Savior, the use of cross symbols in idol worship was a popular practice among the people of Mitzrayim (Egypt?)!!

So then, it is obvious that the use of the cross as a symbol of veneration was an adaptation into Christianity by Emperor Constantine, who established Christianity three centuries after the death of the Savior, upon claiming to have relinquished his religion of idol worship of Assyrian deities that had the cross as an intrinsic part of their worship!

No evidence exists of any followers of the Savior using the symbol of the cross before the time of Christianity in the fourth century!!

In fact, there is absolutely no evidence that the first century followers of the Savior ever used the cross symbol for any purpose. Nowhere does the holy Ivrit word of Yahuwah Elohiym command its use! But then, the word of Yahuwah Elohiym surely would have instructed it if He expected this of His children!!

You see, there are only two ways approved by Yahuwah Elohiym by which anyone deserving of death, due to any violation of His Torah (instructions or laws), was to be put to death by his fellow members of the house of Yisroel—that is, by stoning or hanging on a tree (and not a man-made one at that, such as the cross)!

In the manner of hanging on a tree—as was the only manner that was destined for the Savior to die—we see its description in Devarim (Numbers?) 21:8-9, Yehoshua (Joshua?) 8:29 and in all testimonies by eye witnesses of the Savior’s death as are recorded in Ma’asim (Acts?) 5:30, 10:39, 13:29, Galatiyim (Galatians) 3:13 and Kefa Ekhad (First Peter??) 2:24!

Note that this hanging was never done by the neck of the one to be executed, in which case his death would normally have been very quick and almost instantaneous! This hanging was, however, done by tying up the wrists of the one’s hands, clasped over each other over his head, and causing him to hang by them, in order for the one being executed to die slowly by a gradual and progressive malfunction, culminating in the failure or collapse, of his internal organs!

So then, the evolution today of silvery crucifixes (crosses with human bodies impaled on them) worn by all kinds of Christian Clergymen, seeking to portray them as a manner in which the Savior died on a so-called cross, only advertizes deception and misinformation! And since Yahuwah Elohiym deceives no one, but that it is His enemy who deceives people, it means then that any Christian who is misled to be infatuated in displaying his love for and attachment to the cross is simply living in perpetual bondage and servitude to the devil!!

Seriously, one must begin to think of all the zealous veneration and worship that people give to the cross and crucifixes by kissing them, dangling them upon their chests and stomachs from necklaces and often tucking them into their breast pockets, and placing them atop their writing desks, all of which they do in ignorance of the fact that they are being deceived, and are actually enslaved to the devil!!

One must also think if there can be anything of holy spiritual value or essence in the open display of crosses on the pinnacles to the roofs of church buildings of Christians, as well as on the pulpits of Christian clergymen, doors, items of clothing, finger and ear rings, book covers, decorations and drawings, coffins for the dead, tombstones, and whatever property conceivable as relating to Christianity or belonging to Christians!

It is sad that the cross, which is a man-made object, is believed by Christians to have spiritual value and power, and is thus worshiped and venerated in much the same way that any idol in paganism is worshipped by pagans! And yet, Christians know, think and see no evil in their veneration of the cross?? Oh my!!

The simple ordinary cross of yesterday, which was made of wood and available to ordinary members of Christianity, has today evolved into many kinds with very complex designs, flamboyance and sizes as distinguishing features, meant for use according to the hierarchical order of church clergymen and other church officers!!

It seems to me that the size, complexity of design and ornamental value of the cross that dangles from one’s neck also connote one’s level of spiritual fervor or power, ranking, reverence that must be accorded the one by all ordinary or lower-ranked fellow members of the one’s church, as well as one’s influence, etc, in one’s church!

Part II
Today, the cross is displayed as a piece of jewelry in ear and finger rings, necklaces, wrist, arm and ankle bangles, etc, and as amulets by the rich and affluent so-called celebrities and high class professionals of the secular music and movie industries, many of whom indulge in all kinds of despicable obscene behavior, thus revealing the cross as nothing of any holy spiritual value or good spiritual power, ever since it was used as an emblem to establish Christianity!!

The wearing of the cross by well-known brazen Satanists of the art, music and film industry reveals it as having become mature in its intents of deception, and thus takes all who adorn it on their bodies and other objects into full blast idol worship!

It is sad to note that history has been allowed to repeat itself in this worship of the cross! Just as the brazen serpent—which was made and hung on a pole under the instruction of Yahuwah Elohiym by Mosh’El during the wilderness journey of the children of Yisroel in order to bring them healing from snake bites—later on became a symbol of idolatry to ensnare Yisroel, so has a supposed cross, on which it is claimed that the Savior died, become to Christians!

For many centuries after the death of Mosh’El, this brazen serpent was worshipped as an idol (as if in honor of Yahuwah Elohiym??) by the children of Yisroel—who were misled by idol worshippers of Goyim (Gentiles) to see nothing wrong in this—until the advent of the holy rule of king KhizkiYahu (Hezekiah??) of Yahudah who condemned the practice as idolatrous and an affront to the ways of Yahuwah Elohiym, and thus saw to its destruction, as we learn from the accounts of Melekim Sheni (Second Kings??) 18:4!!

In these evil days of mankind’s existence on Earth, may the mercies of Yahuwah Elohiym inspire the destruction of the cross, an idol of worship for all Christians, in order to rid the Earth of the evil that is spread by the veneration of the cross by ignorant, over-zealous and deceived seekers of salvation!

Let me point out from the KJV Bible (even though it is an imperfect book, but which, despite its imperfections, is thought and believed by all Christians to be the true word of the Most High One), what evil there is in the oaths that some Christians swear by the cross and or even the English Bible as a whole!! But first of all, let us look at the wrong in swearing an oath by the English Bible and then apply same to the swearing by the cross!

These noteworthy verses of the KJV are MattithYahu (Matthew??) 5:34-36 and 23:16-22, where much is learned from the teachings of the Savior to his followers about oath swearing. These teachings bring to the fore a wrong manner of oath swearing that was practiced during his days on Earth, which, sadly, is what is still being done in error today—oaths in the days of the Savior were sworn to an object or with one in view, just as is still being done today!

In the first teaching of MattithYahu (Matthew??) 5:34-36, it is taught as wrong for anyone to swear by Heaven which is the Throne of the Most High One, or by the Earth which is the creation of Elohiym, or by YahuSalem (Jerusalem?) the holy city of Elohiym, or by the hair on one’s head, simply because all these are sacred things that belong only to Elohiym; and so, no one today must swear by the sacred Word of Elohiym (the Holy Bible??)!!

In this regard, where it was deemed impossible and even ridiculous to think to hold aloft in one’s hand any of the things sworn by—be it The Throne of Elohiym, the Earth which is the sole property of Elohiym, YahuSalem the holy city of Elohiym, or one’s own hair, in situ—when swearing an oath, so also must it be deemed ridiculous for anyone today to hold aloft a book such as the English Bible, even if its contents are actually and truly the Word of Elohiym, and to swear an oath (or even give the impression of swearing) by it!!

In the second teaching of MattithYahu (Matthew??) 23:16-22, where people in the days of the Savior were judged by Him as acting in wrongful practices when they swore oaths by the gold of the Temple (and not even by the Temple itself which, in the first place, makes the gold in it holy), and by one’s item of sacrifice or gift to the Creator that was placed on a Mizbeakh [altar??] (and not even by the Mizbeakh which makes the gift holy and acceptable to Him), so also would it be wrong for anyone today, who even holds in high esteem the content of a book (translated from a Hebrew original of verbatim words spoken by Yahuwah Elohiym into a so-called English version, stamped Holy and described as the “AuthorizedKing James Bible, or any other so-called Holy Bible for that matter), to swear by this book while holding it aloft over the one’s head!

Swearing by an English Bible must NOT and should NEVER even be done because no English translation of the word spoken by Elohiym in Hebrew (as He did in the beginning) can ever be of the same purity in the expression of His thought and value of its power, or have the same impression and or effect on its readers as its non-translated Hebrew original would! In any case, which of the numerous versions/editions of the English Bible would be deemed appropriate to swear by, since all available versions (or are they rather “perversions” of the pure Hebrew original?) disagree with each other in many instances and are not liked or accepted equally by all readers??

Therefore, not even the so-called “AuthorizedKing James Version English Bible must be wholly and fully trusted as “Thus says the Most High One” as to be swallowed hook, line, and sinker, per the narratives of Bible translators, and thus deemed sacrosanct enough to even swear by!!

Since it is the abstract words captured in the writings in a book that could be of spiritual relevance and value, and thus could have the potency to affect the reader, and since it is one’s belief in a book such as the English Bible that may sanctify the one as to make him stand out distinct from many (in much the same way that the gold in the Temple in Yisroel in times past could be made to become holy by the Temple in which it was found), so also must our swearing of oaths be deemed meaningful ONLY because of the sanctification by one’s faith in the words held in that book, and not the physical copy of the book held out to the eyes of the world observing the one swear an oath such as the Oath of Office as President!!

Holding a Bible while swearing an oath can be so deceptive and or even distractive as to take away the shine and value from the holy or truthful character of the one swearing the oath—which is acquired through one’s subscription and submission to, as well as profession of the contents of the book—to focus on the physical representation of the book (in this case, the Bible) held aloft by the one taking the oath!

In all of this, it would seem imperative for Bible-believers today to be guided by the manner in which oaths were sworn in Yisroel in days prior to the coming of the Savior to Earth! Then, oaths were simply sworn in the name of the Most High One—cf. Vayikra (Leviticus?) 19:12, YeshaYahu (Isaiah?) 48:1, 66:16, YirmeYahu (Jeremiah?) 12:16 and 22:5, etc—with nothing of substance in representation of that name of the Most High One (not even a scroll of His holy word with His true name written in it) being held aloft in one’s right hand. Instead, all that was expected of a child of Yisroel was for the one to simply swear the oath ONLY, and sincerely pledge to commit one’s self to all truths that are taught by the name and word of the Most High One!

Since everyone who must swear an oath of office does so because the one has become a creation or creature of the Constitution of his Country/Republic, he is subservient to this Constitution and also according to the sovereign will of all other citizens under this same Constitution, he must be seen to be fully possessed by their powers; and so the Oath of Office he swears must be in words and a tone of affirmation that show a total commitment and loyalty to this Constitution and the citizenry, without any hint of a more loyal dedication to some superior or higher (or even lower) thing, be it the Bible, the Quran, a man made Cross (Crucifix), or any other idol for that matter.

Since all public office holders in Ghana attain their status in accordance with The 1992 Constitution of the Republic of Ghana, it is by this constitution that they must be made to swear an oath in pledge to the good citizens of the Republic to uphold and defend it with the help of Elohiym if he be a Bible-believer (or Allah if the one is a believer of the Quran of Islam), and not a pledge to propagate and defend his/her faith of the Bible, the Quran, a Cross or any idol—the violation of the teaching/tenets and or precepts of which even the Constitution does not have the right or power to hold him to or demand that he be held to!!

So then, every bible-believing public office holder must be made to swear by the pure and holy eternal name [Elohiym] of the Supreme Commander of the Universe, in the spirit of Ivriim (Hebrews?) 6:13, 16 and Ya’akov (James?) 5:12 of the KJV Bible, without holding aloft in his hand any version of the English Bible (which obviously cannot be the common choice of all Bible-lovers in an entire nation), in order to commit himself and the entire nation into the hands of Elohiym the Creator, and to solicit His love and faithfulness upon our dear nation!

Now, to even go beyond the Bible into swearing an oath of office by the cross, is, to say the least, idolatrous and a spiritual perversion; since the cross, being a man-made object for worship by any people who believe in it as spiritually useful to them, is of the same essence and value as, indeed like every other idol of clay, wood, plastic or metal that is made to be worshipped!

And so, Ghana’s new Auditor General, Mr. Daniel Domelovo should never have been permitted to hold a cross in his hand while swearing his oath of office to serve the good people of Ghana under the Constitution since his action seemed to introduce a kind of fetishism into his oath, which thus hurts the religious sensibilities of the citizens and the fortunes of the Republic as a whole.

In all of this, all bible-believers must be guided by such modern day Bibles such as the Restored Name King James Version Bible (RNKJV), The Orthodox Jewish Bible (OJB), the Hebraic Roots Bible (HRB), the Halleluyah Scriptures, The Eth Cepher, to mention but a few—all of which have replaced “God” with the true Ivrit (Hebrew tongue) name “Elohiym” of the Most High One!!

All Bible-believers who swear oaths may only do so today in the name Elohiym” (and not God), and must do so without holding anything physical (claiming it to be a so-called representation of that name), which can only be deemed ridiculous since nothing physical can stand in place of the name of the Most High One!!

Shalawam aleikhem!
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