The Gardener, Vine and Branches 3 (Jesus, my Lord, and my God)

The Gardener, Vine and Branches 3 (Jesus, my Lord, and my God)

As children of God, it’s very necessary in our daily routine, we recognize that Jesus, whom we believe in, is the Lord and God of our lives. The inspiration we draw from that understanding enables us to be effective in our walk with God. Knowing and accepting the Lordship of Jesus in my life means I am connected with a greater grace in this life. Jesus said “I AM” is my name… So trusting in Him means I am beyond any limitation in this life.

I can calm all situations because in the Gospels, he spoke to situations and there was peace. I am not walking with one who will abandon me in my times of trouble. In Exodus when God introduced Himself as “I AM” to Moses and demanded that the children of Israel must be delivered from the hands of Pharaoh, it happened just as God intended.

Under the same grace, everyone reading this devotion, under any form of torment is receiving great deliverance now from the great “I AM”.

Because Christ is the living God, my business, family, connections, relationships, etc. will never ever die in Jesus mighty name. Just praise the Lord, because the great “I AM” is with you and making all impossibilities becoming possibles. No wonder brother Paul said I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me. Precious child of God, always remember that indeed you can do all things since the “I AM” is with you.

Remain blessed.
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