Singer Montell Jordan Offers To Help Rapper Kanye West Through His Mental Breakdown


By Victor Ochieng

Musician Montell Jordan turned man of God has expressed his sincere best wishes to rapper Kanye West, who recently faced some worrying level of mental breakdown. Doctors kept the artist in the hospital for eight days, earnestly working to stabilize his condition.

Although the rapper is out of the hospital, he’s not out of the woods just yet.

Speaking to TMZ, Jordan said he’s aware anyone, even the best in showbiz, can undergo mental breakdown. The singer then extended an offer to West, saying he was willing to take him in and guide him towards turning his life to God, underscoring that West needs God during this trying moment.

“We all have a journey in life. We’re all on a path – he’s on one as well. I wish him all the best. He won’t get the answers he’s looking for through normal means,” Jordan said. “I found my peace in God. I think he knows the Lord too, I just think he’s on a tougher journey than most because he has so much responsibility on his shoulders. He’s a strong individual. It takes tough skin to do what a guy like him does.”

Jordan then said he had confidence in West and his ability to soldier through this storm.

West was taken to the hospital after he went into a series of rants before he abruptly canceled his “Saint Pablo” tour. Before cancelling the tour, the rapper took to the stage and declared that he could have voted for the current President-elect Donald Trump were he to cast his ballot in the 2016 presidential elections. He then fired shots at celebrity couple, Jay Z and Beyonce, accusing the two of not being there for him.

Sources now reveal that West got into his mental meltdown because he takes his medication erratically. TMZ reported that the rapper isn’t keen on following doctors’ prescriptions to the letter.

According to the source, things started going bad for West after his wife Kim Kardashian’s reported robbery in Paris. While it’s said his problems stemmed from his indiscipline in taking his pills, it’s not yet clear whether the rapper completely abstained from taking the drugs or he simply started taking wrong amounts.

West is now in a better condition and receiving out-patient attention. Because he’s not under 24/7 watch, he’ll have to personally ensure that he takes his meds as instructed by experts.



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