Should Churches Allow Transgender Persons To Hold Leadership Positions In The Church?


By Victor Ochieng

Many churches believe that homos*xuals and lesbians do not deserve leadership positions in the church, stating they are sinners who should only attend services as those seeking God’s redemption. In fact, some churches have even gone as far as kicking out gays and lesbians from their midst simply because they’ve “refused,” over time, to turn away from their s*xual orientations.

While that appears to be clear, many churches remain confused about how to handle transgender people. A deeper look into it reveals that transgenderism is quite different from gaysm. A quick Google search reveals that gaysm and transgenderism are treated totally differently.

With that in mind, how should churches handle transgender people? Should they be allowed to hold positions such as preachers, pastors or teachers?

To begin with, let’s first look at the definition of transgender. defines it as “noting or relating to a person whose gender identity does not correspond to that person’s biological s*x assigned at birth.” It’s considered an internal, deeply personal feeling by a person. This is different from “Gay” and “Lesbian,” which is considered born of mere s*xual attraction to someone of the same s*x.

What do Christians say about transgender persons? How about gay people? Can they be allowed to serve in the house of the Lord?

Bishop Demetrius Sinegal recently did a Facebook post in which he said: “No matter how much you downplay it, THIS IS AN OFFENSE TO THE SACRED DESK. This man calls himself a pastor, the person standing beside him is the first lady…the problem…THEY’RE BOTH MEN. It’s one thing to be in the pew, but calling yourself a pastor, leading people, and making THIS THEIR STANDARD. Church WAKE UP, if WE don’t call foul on this type of atrocity we will be ALLOWING innocent babes in Christ to think this is ok. This is not love, this is a perversion…”

Many Christians say we shouldn’t give in to bodily weaknesses and try to switch to a different gender from our natural ones – the one we receive at birth. Those who hold this school of thought argue that by giving in to the demands of the flesh, we sin before God. As such, they say, transgender people shouldn’t be allowed to hold leadership in the church as that will result in bad influence on other congregants.


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