Prayer Devotional for the Day


Prayer Devotional for the Day


Dear heavenly Father, help me to be a strong warrior for You and not shrink back from spiritual warfare. You told us to “submit unto You, and resist the devil and he would flee” in James 4. So, first Lord, I voice my submission to You, to do Your will. Now, we know the devil flees at Your Word, so I say to the enemy: “Satan, I resist you in the name of Jesus and command you to leave me, my family and this ministry. You are a defeated foe, and you have no authority in my life, so therefore you must flee with your temptation, your division, your sickness, and every evil thing you would try to bring against me and those that I am praying for. I declare that no weapon formed against me shall prosper! Be gone in the name of Jesus!” Thank you, Lord, that You gave us victory over the devil and all of his evil plans. Amen.


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