Prayer Devotional for the Day


Prayer Devotional for the Day

Dear Father, I am grateful for Your many blessings. Thank you for opening my eyes to Your truths and for Your many promises to me. I do want to become wiser, so help me to study and understand the Bible. Open my spiritual ears to hear the things I need to understand at this time. Thank you for the knowledge You have already given me, but I desire to know more, so that I might know You more. I want my relationship with You to be closer than ever before. Please give me the desire to pray more and to read the Bible more. Forgive me when I neglect these two very important things. Thank you for the promise of health for me. I receive that promise so that I might be about Your business. How wonderful You are to me and all of Your children. Keep my family and friends in Your health and bless them too. In Jesus name I pray. Amen.


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