Photos: Amanda Jissih, Bibi Bright, Salma Mumin, More Stars Attend Juliet Ibrahim’s Moda Lipsticks And Shades Eyelashes Products Launch

juliet-ibrahim-eye-lashesimg_0115Popular Ghanaian actress Juliet Ibrahim on Friday, October 14 officially launched her new products Moda Lipsticks and Shades by Juliet Ibrahim.

TV and radio host Amanda Jissih and entertainment critic Francis Doku at the product launch had a Q&A session with the multiple award-winning actress to brief the public about the Moda Lipsticks and Shades by Juliet Ibrahim products. The ‘4 Play’ actress also revealed what motivated her to setup such a business.

According to her, she setup this business to fall on it when she is not active in acting in years time. She also hinted on plans to add other products to the two she launched on Friday.

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Present at the event were renowned make artists, celebrities and other invited personalities. List of celebrities who were there included Amanda Jissih, Bibi Bright, Salma Mumin, Stephenie Karikari, Sonia Ibrahim DJ Kess and many others.

DJ for the night was DJ Mic Smith.

Moda Lipstick is a luxurious Lip Stick that gives a gorgeous semi matte finish that are highly pigmented and conditioning to keep lips soft and supple. Comfortable to wear and glides on with ease, this is the must have to brighten your look.

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