Pastor who congregants gifted private jet dragged to court for impregnating church member


A Canada-based Ghanaian pastor, Martin Kofi Danso, has made headlines following revelations that he has impregnated a member of his church.

Pastor Danso is reported to have impregnated the church member and later sought to conceal the information after the matter went to court.

According to, Danso asked the court to extend a publication ban and seal order on a court file related to allegations that he fathered a child with former congregant Chris-Ann Bartley.


In a sworn affidavit filed with the court, Danso claimed he had never had intimate relations with Bartley but a DNA test proved that the pastor was really the father of the six-month-old baby.

The judge, Fred Myers of the Ontario Superior Court Justice, thus dismissed Danso’s application saying: “That also brings about the possibility of a public interest when somebody’s out there with 17 churches raising charitable money and tells a couple of big, fat whoppers in a sworn affidavit.

Martin Kofi Danso is the founder of Miracle Arena for All Nations, which operates 17 churches including chapters in Toronto.

He is said to be married to Reverend JoAnne Danso with whom he has four kids including a set of twins.

According to reports, Prophet Kofi Danso has been in ministry for 24 years and has 15 books to his credit.

He first made headlines in 2016 when it was reported that he had been gifted a private jet by his congregants as a birthday present.


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