Open Letter to a Dude (Anthony) in the USA—Concerning Bloodlines and Ancestry!!

Open Letter to a Dude (Anthony) in the USA—Concerning Bloodlines and Ancestry!!

An article I published recently in this same column of mine on the Modern Ghana site, titled A Holy Bloodline or Ancestry: The Number One Prerequisite to Fellowshipping with the Creator of URL has so far been enjoying a good readership.

A few days after its publication, it drew some comments from one of its readers which he posted for me in the Comments section of the publication! Not long after his post, he followed it with a second one in which he expressed more concerns! This reader put his name as Anthony and I learned his address location to be USA.

I have, out of love for him and respect of his views already responded to his comments in the very location of the article where he posted them, all because he took pains to read a rather long article and was bold to pick issues with both the substance of the article and my good person too, intending for me to possibly learn a thing or two from him by these comments and for which I’m most grateful.

I am, however, making the response to Anthony more public to all by this open letter so that readers of this column, particularly those who had earlier on read my article under reference before Anthony posted his comments, may get to be blessed by the substance of my response to him! Also, this letter may serve as to add a little more value to the previous article referenced above which could bless all its readers.

Before I may proceed, I’d like to quote in full and unedited, except to rearrange paragraphs to make them more reader-friendly, what Anthony wrote to me! Here come his comments as follows:

Dude, are you kidding me?? Talk about lies and deception straight from the enemy himself. You really stretched speculation to try and make it factual.

Here is an actual fact for you… The origins of race come from neither white nor black, they are both from olived-skin people, as we see in the middle east today. They are the only ones who hold genes for white and black.

So, being that blacks lack the white gene, and vice-versa, a black could never produce an olive skin or white, and a white could never produce an olive skin or black. PERIOD. They both have to come from olive skinned peoples. And guess what, bronze is a lot closer in color to olive skin than black…

Oh, and you think blacks are the only ones with wooly hair? Many different peoples have wooly hair! My stepfather was german and polish and had wooly hair.

You’re causing nothing but division in a time where this world needs unity! I pray to the Lord that you seek His real, absolute truth and stop spreading these man-and-demon-made lies to fit your twisted racist narrative.

Either way, God bless you and I hope the best for you.

A white guy blessed by Yeshua.

And here is Anthony’s second post which he made to follow fast on the heels of his first one:

By the way, Ruth (King Davids grandmother) was not if this “pure black lineage” you’re speaking of. So essentially, King David’s lineage (including Yeshua) is impure according to this article!

And now here is my letter, in all meekness and humility, in response to these comments from Anthony.

Dear Sir Anthony: I am happy my article attracted your attention for which reason you labored to read it. From the comments you posted for me, I can see you do not really have a fair grasp of its substance and thus it did not make the desired impact on you! Sorry!!

Obviously, you can see that the source of all my information and references for this article is the English Bible; a book no Black had a hand in crafting and so you cannot accuse me of bias in my interpretation of any of its accounts since I am Black and may never be deemed qualified to speak for its non-Black copyright owners.

I only stated the facts of this book as presented by the people who crafted it. But then, since any facts which these non-Black people present in the English Bible, wanting for all their readers to believe and accept them as PURE truth, were about and concerned only Black people some of whose leaders were directly inspired by the Most High One to write these truths in Ghabaray (Paleo/Ancient Hebrew) as seen in the Tanakh long before the coming of the English Bible, no one can ever dispute the fact that the principal people the English Bible writes about are Black!

Nowhere in the narratives of the English Bible was anyone ever said to be “olive” in skin complexion for you, my dear Anthony, to even think to claim that the complexion of mankind’s progeny was “olive”!! Where do you get this from??

Please give me and my readers your sources in claiming that all mankind has descended from a common ancestor whose skin complexion was olive.

You wrongly accuse me of lying and deception only to lie that I said the complexion of the son of YA’OH(God??) who is called YA’OH-Shoai (JESUS??) was “bronze” when what I said was “brass”; and even went on to further describe this “brass” as if “burned” in fire.

So then, I’d like you to tell me, if you were cooking rice on an open gas stove and you got it burned (burnt), what color would your white rice turn to? Your correct answer to this question should give you an idea of what color “burned brass” would be! Do you not accept “burned brass” to be the same as “Dark” (Black or Negro)??

Also, if in the miracle where the normal color complexion of the hand of Masha (Moses??) turned to become as white as snow—cf. Shamat (Exodus??) 4:6-7—what would you suppose this normal skin complexion of this holy servant of YA’OH to be since miracles always swing between two extreme situations??

If you get to know the normal color of the skin complexion of this true son of YA’OH-Sharal (Israel??) then you must know that this has been the ONLY skin color of every genuine servant of YA’OH from the days of Nakh (Noah??) to date; to the mutual exclusion of all other skin complexions.

My dear Anthony, don’t just tell me that “Oh, and you think blacks are the only ones with wooly hair? Many different peoples have wooly hair! My stepfather was german and polish and had wooly hair”.

Please tell me more of these many people you say have woolly hair but are not Black; whether they too belong to one common race of their own or they are some rare individuals of some other known races such as White who in isolated occurrences had Black men fertilize their mothers in order to produce them!

By the way, are you relating yourself to the offspring of your stepfather; and not even to your own father?? Or, have you lost trace of your ancestry??

My dear Anthony: I had supposed you would have learned from my long article that bloodlines are established for and to relate to ONLY men and their sons and their sons’ sons…without women influencing these bloodlines!!

Maybe, you do not also know that the Y-DNA of a man is passed on from him to ONLY his sons, who take nothing from their mothers in order to perpetuate the bloodline of their father; and this ignorance must have necessitated your posting of your second batch of comments in obvious hurry!

I am sure it is your ignorance in these matters relating to bloodlines as are determined and maintained ONLY by and between fathers and their sons, without any involvement whatsoever by wives and mothers, which has poisoned your mind to think that YA’OH-Shoai (who you think is called Yeshua) could have had his blood polluted with or affected in any way by that of the grandmother of king Doayd (David??)!!

Did you really think through such a statement before making it?? For, you display ignorance; firstly because, no woman in YA’OH-Sharal was ever considered as being a part of the lineage of this house, since lineage is a status or preserve reserved for men ONLY! Therefore you err greatly in thinking to bring in women into issues about lineages.

Secondly, what thing of spiritual value and essence do you think even your Yeshua could take from the one who begat him as a child on Earth; not to even think of him as YA’OH-Shoai in this regard? For, how would YA’OH-Shoai who is the agent and substance of and in all creation, and of whom and for whom all creation was made, according to the express will of YA’OH his Ab (Father), become blessed with and by his own handiwork such as a woman by taking from her anything he (YA’OH-Shoai) has freely given out to her in order to cause her to exist??

So then, my dear Anthony, never think that YA’OH-Shoai could have ever taken of any woman who begat Him something that she possessed, which he never already had or possessed, which would thus make him complete to be who he is as the son of the Most High One, YA’OH; or that he would take from the same woman some polluted blood in order to make him less than his perfect being and image as son of the invincible YA’OH, the ALA’AYM (Elohim. God??), of all the Earth!

I am sure if you ever come to refine your thoughts in these regards concerning the very being and nature of YA’OH-Shoai, and then to accept his very being as the perfect model YA’OH intends to replicate for all children He (YA’OH) ever begets, you would come to understand why bloodlines reflect only the beings and natures of men with no association whatsoever with women; and thus be delivered from your own confusion and unpardonable error in forcing the grandmother of Doayd into the bloodline of YA’OH-Shoai which is composed of men only!!

Now, since you talk about Ruth in your second batch of comments, I hope you know about the fact that she was of the house of Moab, the house of Lot (another Negro like Abram as you may know), which is in fact no house at all, and was thus not qualified by the Thorah to be married to any male from the house of YA’OH-Sharal.

You may want to read right now, so as to immediately learn of this ban of the Thorah from the book of Azar-YA’OH (Ezra??) 9:1-2, and afterwards continue your reading through to 10:1-44 to learn more details of this marital ban.

Sadly, while Ruth lived in her home town of Moab, she was led to break this Thorah of YA’OH by a family of YA’OH-Sharal who should have known better than to get her to marry into it; only for her to become a widow not too long after—in obvious reprimand of her by YA’OH—even though she was obviously ignorant of the Thorah since she was never taught to live by it simply because she was not of the house of YA’OH-Sharal!!

Dear Anthony, when you have finished reading all the reference in Azar-YA’OH which I have mentioned, remember that the house of YA’OH-Sharal lost 3 of his sons (who are Alay-Malakh aka Elimelech and his two sons), needlessly, for going to sojourn in Moab just for the sake of food security!

Well, the deaths of these men were to eventually pave the way for Ruth to marry a wise man of the house of YA’OH-Sharal, which was made possible per the Thorah concerning the intervention by a kinsman-redeemer for any son of YA’OH-Sharal whose bloodline faced extinction, as was done by one Boaz who acted as such a kinsman-redeemer for and on behalf of dead and departed Alay-Malakh(Elimelech) towards the DIRECT benefit of Naomi, his widow, who was also the mother in-law to Ruth, and thus to the benefit of Ruth too, indirectly!

I hope you know where the Thorah permitted ONLY men of valor of YA’OH-Sharal to take women outside this house to be wives and that you also know who the ultimate kinsman-redeemer of all mankind is today?

For, the Thorah permitted a man of YA’OH-Sharal to take as wife a virgin who was taken captive in a war where it was obvious that some men of the house of YA’OH-Sharal died in this war and so their shed blood was thus deemed to have been shed for such a virgin; and by this same shed blood she was also deemed to have been cleansed from the heathen ways of her people and for her own redemption, and thus made fit to be taken as a wife by any man of war of and in YA’OH-Sharal—cf. Vayakra(Deuteronomy??) 21:10-14.

In another scenario, wherever two sons of a family within the house of YA’OH-Sharal died in succession in their marriages to one same heathen woman as a result of the wrath of YA’OH coming upon such men, that woman eventually gets assimilated into the habitations of YA’OH-Sharal, eternally!

Though not spelled out explicitly in the Thorah as permissible, this was actually what happened by the deaths of two sons of YA’OH-Dah (Judah??) who died in succession in their marriages to one Tamar as narrated in Barashayth (Genesis??) 38 and this was actually the same kind of situation that Ruth was also involved in.

My dear Anthony: From the anger, intolerance, impatience and unteachable spirit which I can feel of you from your words, I think I can understand where you are coming from. I am sure you know that no one can cover up lies and wilful deceptions of his ancestors forever, no matter how hard the one tries to; otherwise there will never be the need for judgment or justice such as the Creator must someday deliver for the sake of the deceived!!

As it is, the truth of Negro enslavement to and hatred by all manner of people is today being uncovered and the true identity of the Negro as the true offspring of Abram is being revealed!! This obviously makes many people, who want the status quo to remain, to become jittery before those people they have kept for millennia as their vanquished, simply because they sense the fast-coming justice of the Creator upon the Earth; and hence the way you, my dear Anthony, are reacting to my article!!

Where you saw no iota of a lie in all the many issues I put out in my article, you still chose to accuse me of lying only to ridicule and shame yourself in not being able to point out one single lie I told in all of my long article or reference of scripture to prove that lie. I am sure posterity will judge the two of us!

Maybe, you are in fear because of the inhumanity which your bloodline meted out against the holy people of the house of YA’OH-Sharal in the trans-Atlantic Slave Trade and for which YA’OH must punish the perpetrators of it!

And so you wrongly accuse me of promoting disunity at a time you claim the world now needs peace! But then, when has our world ever known peace; and who at all and in which bloodline was ever found a man who promoted any peace on Earth??

My dear Anthony, I hope this response clears any misunderstanding of my article from your mind. But then, if you still have any issues with it, please feel free to let me know what more concerns you may have.

And please Anthony do share my article you read and was attracted to comment on it with your friends who are with you in the USA.

The writer, NngmingBongle Bapuohyele aka Tabal-YA’OH Ban Ab-YA’OH, is a Thorah-Based Life-Coach of HaBaYTh YA’OH-SharaL (GH) and Author. His Email Contact Address is:

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