NYC Pastor Gets Pregnant Before Marriage And Says She Isn’t Leaving The Pulpit


By Victor Ochieng

A New York City pastor has come under fire after she informed the world that she’s pregnant with her fiancé. Many people have blasted her, saying she has no place at the pulpit since her act – having s*x before marriage – is a sin

However, the pastor, Desireé Allen, who’s pregnant with twins, has vowed not to leave the pulpit, asserting that she won’t let people shame her out.

Allen is a Pastor of Arts and Spiritual Formation at the First Corinthian Baptist Church and is also the director of The Dream Center in Harlem. The pastor said she discovered that she was pregnant on May 8, during Mother’s Day, while she was on a vacation in Disney World.

“I was pregnant. My immediate reaction was shock. This was not planned. Yes, I know it’s a potential consequence of having s*x, but not one readily expected. With the exception of living a pretty much celibate lifestyle in my twenties I had been having s*x on and off since I was 15 and had never been pregnant. In fact, I assumed when I was ready it would be very hard for me to conceive. Boy did I miscalculate that,” she wrote.

Efforts by the Christian Post to secure a comment from the First Corinthian Baptist Church on Monday went unanswered.

Despite saying her pregnancy was unexpected, she’s happy about the prospect of being a mother. As an unmarried pastor, she found it a challenge coming out openly about her condition.

“What had my stomach turning, other than nausea, was me being pregnant AND a pastor. Let’s face it. The church has not had a good track record of accepting unmarried women who got pregnant. If you’ve been in church for any period of time you’ve heard or witnessed the aftermath. Shunning, slut shaming, being sat down from your position, having to go up in front of the church and confess your sin, etc. etc. No one can be naïve enough to say this type of stuff doesn’t happen in church,” she said.

She specifically said she understands that her act is considered unacceptable, just like having extramarital affairs, doing drugs, drunkenness and so on and so forth. The ugly truth, she says, is that many church leaders get involved in such acts, albeit in private, and it’s easier for them because it’s something they can hide. However, “to be pregnant is a very visible indication of a private act and for some reason provides people with more of a need to respond,” she argued.

Regardless of what people say, Allen has firmly stated that nothing is going to bother her since she’s happy with the prospect of being a mother.


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