Nollywood actors live in luxury but they are underpaid – Queen Nwokoye


87691124Nollywood actress Queen Nwokoye has revealed that a lot of known actors in the movie industry who flaunt their luxurious lifestyles are not well paid.

She said that a lot of them parade themselves with luxuries and eventually go broke because what they spend is more than what they earn.

They go about just to impress their fans who do not know that they are not making the type of money they think.

“Some people think we get paid 10 million for acting. So a lot of times, actors want to live up to false expectations from their fans and that is how they get into trouble, “she said.

Sometimes, Nollywood actors are not able to help their own especially when there is a need for medical treatment because they do not earn very big like we assume. That explains why some of them die when they cannot get financial support for treatment.


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