My boobs firm because I don’t allow men to touch them – Afia Schwarzenegger


Afia Schwarzenegger has said she doesn’t allow any of her sex partners to touch her breast, adding that it is a turn off for her for a man touch her breast during love making.

In an appearance on Duvet show monitored by, She said: “When you are dating me, you know I love blow jobs. I am a touching touching person… but my breast is a turn-off”, She said.

“I don’t like a man to touch my breast. It turns me off, it will make me dry up.” She said.

She said her friends says that’s why her boobs are firm and strong.

Earlier she said seeing her breast standing firm in her leaked video gave her hope in herself and how beautiful God created her.

The actress who was going through a divorce trial with her ex-husband in a post on Instagram indicated that she became strong when her leaked video was aired in the court for the public to view it.

She posted as reported at the time:

“Today I was made to watch my own naked video in court with some people…it was terrible..never thought it could hit me the way it did…but one thing was certain…this girl is too fine..even after 3 strong kids..

My most treasured boobie is still standing like Mama Charles economy aka UK Pounds and some cute little ass..oh my God My God My God!!! you took time to create me. .

Thank you Lord God for taking time to create moi.. To every woman out there who has suffered any form of abuse or any woman that had been subjected to revenge porn.. it is my prayer that the holy spirit strengthen you beyond your imagination

I stepped out of court stronger and determined than before…Ready to fight for the justice of women suffering domestic violence”.


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