Mutual Love And Care


thumb-2I don’t know about your church but what I know is that the lead pastor should initiate the vision, purpose, and direction of the church. There are a plethora of biblical directives pertaining to mutual love and care of the Body of Christ. However, many pastors take these directives for granted and do not preach and teach them to their congregations. Therefore, in an average church you find or see that only a few people provide the caring. When a member is grieving or hurting few people are there to console and help him/her. However, that should not be the case. All or almost the entire membership should rally their support behind the individual. That alone speaks volume to the watching world. That is what the early or first century was known.


A sending church versus a collecting church is a false dichotomy that is responsible for the death of many churches in the Western World. A sending church becomes missional in the sense that every member becomes an evangelist who reaches out to the lost. A collecting church becomes too much preoccupied with the people in their local church. The people begin to think that the work is to be done by the paid staff, which includes the senior pastor, the administrative workers, and the Associate Ministers. It is like we pay you to serve us so that those of us who are not paid become spectators. Many churches that are growing today have become sending churches. These are Great Commission Churches.


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