Most Pastors deviating from teachings of Jesus Christ – Archbishop Sarpong


29844107Retired Archbishop Emeritus of the Kumasi Catholic Archdiocese Most Rev Peter Akwasi Sarpong has stated that majority of Pastors and Christians have twisted the gospel to suit their own parochial agenda.

According to him, the focus of most Pastors have been shifted from teaching the gospel to personal interests adding that Christianity nowadays has turned into exorcising witches, seeking for long life, good health, job seeking ventures, visa avenues and others.

Archbishop Akwasi Sarpong intimated that he sometimes gets confused about turn of events in the Christendom citing that Biblically Jesus Christ never accused anyone of witchcraft and never instructed anyone to neither exorcise it.

He bemoaned the rate at which influx of men of God have been deceiving unsuspecting congregations.

He bemoaned the style adopted by some pastors who persistently insult other churches which believe in their different doctrines indicating that there was no single day that Jesus Christ insulted other churches or a particular religion.

Speaking with Austine Wood host of Abusua Entertainment, he explained that Jesus Christ’s aim was not to exorcise witchcraft or perform miracles just to draw numbers but preached about humility, self control, peace seeking, supporting the poor among others.

He wondered why some pastors use the pulpit to insult when they are supposed to be preaching what Jesus Christ preached to his disciples and people.

‘Jesus was a peaceful person, Isaiah described him as a man of peace, he preached humility, faith, oneness, I cannot judge people on how they serve God, but I feel so sad when I hear some men of God casting innuendoes in their preaching and insulting others. Most of the churches have been turned into visa avenues, job seeking ventures, exorcising of witches, I sometimes gets confused about the turn of events in the Christendom. I think it’s a disturbing trend, especially exorcising of witches which has been fused in Christianity. Christianity has been turned into something else, I feel sad about today’s Christianity and how people worship God in a weird manner.

Retired Archbishop Sarpong cautioned pastors to desist from predicting December 7 polls, saying naming the winner does not augur well for the country.

He further admonished Christians to worship God according to Bible teachings.

He observed that the election is characterised with insults, and violence wondering why people just kill and maim their fellow men and women.

‘Jesus never predicted any elections, he thought us to forgive one another, but the election is now full of insults,’ he said.


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