Ministerially Inspired: The Woman Behind My Ministry


Ministerially Inspired: The Woman Behind My Ministry

By: Africare Women’s Development Team


When we think of a sister like Sharon N Alenda doing anything in Women’s Ministry it is accredited to so many feats in her days as a school girl up until being a graduate of Bible School. But one dear attribute comes from her Ghanaian Auntie Stella Dugan who stood in the place of Sharon’s mom. Stella Dugan watched Sharon come into this world and played with Sharon in her first moments. When Sharon grew to become a school girl; it was then that singer/songwriter Stella Dugan would teach her how to cook special African dishes on school holidays many years ago. Dishes like Ghanaian Casserole, roasted Fish and African Pancake. Stella Dugan’s vocals were nurturing to Sharon as a young woman to prepare Sharon to hone her own voice in Women’s Ministry. Sharon knew that if Stella Dugan could touch thousands that she Sharon could touch millions. Stella Dugan has always told Sharon she would be an asset to many.

As womanhood approached for Sharon, Sharon was asked to tour with Stella Dugan as her daughter for it was to make the occasion merry while on the road in those days. And we all can recall “those days”. As real life kicked in and folks went their separate ways. Sharon and Stella still hold fast to one another in the issues of family, faith, womanhood and ministry.


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