Majority of Ghanaian gospel musicians are not christians – Bellaa Tee

Bellaa Tee


Canadian-based Ghanaian Hiplife musician has described majority of the country’s gospel musicians as “fake”.

The hiplife artiste explained “fake” by saying that they are the categories of musicians who are not Christians.

According to her just like there are many fake pastors who have suddenly scattered all over the country, a number of gospel artistes in the entertainment industry are also not real Christians.

Gospel is about Jesus Christ. So anything that centres around Christ is what makes it gospel. But before that, there’s also the lifestyle of the person who is doing the music. That’s why I said there are so many gospel musicians in Ghana that are not Christians.

She added that most of the fake gospel musicians are easily identified through their content and how they carry themselves.

As to why the fake gospel she said that I thought gospel music are of winning souls for Christ but Gospel musicians are into the ministry because of money. They are not truly portraying how true Christians should live their lives, especially how they behave on Social Media.


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