Let’s not only preach peace but justice and equity – Pastor


68156214The General Overseer of the Living Waters community Chapel Int., Apostle Paul Thiombiano is of the view that preaching peace and coming up with all kinds of peace songs, adverts, etc, without placing emphasis on justice and fairness in the 2016 general election could be a misplaced priority. The peace we seek for will elude us if we fail to emphasize on justice and fairness, he said.

It is an undeniable fact that there can be no peace without justice. It is very sad and unfortunate to note that the same political leaders and their followers who preach peace and proclaim willingness to ensure a peaceful election are the same individuals who insult and make comments likely to cause mayhem and anarchy in this country.

Apostle Paul Thiombiano in his sermon admonished the National peace council; the National chief imam; the Christian Council of Ghana; traditional leaders, the Council of State; political leaders; the clergy and all stake holders not to only preach peace but to also preach the need for justice, transparency and equity in the forthcoming elections.

Apostle Thiombiano is of the view that if all state institutions, especially the Electoral Commission will adhere to the code of ethics, the rule of law and eschew favoritism and partisanship to ensure justice and fairness, then without a shred of a doubt peace will prevail no matter which side the political pendulum lean to. He urged the E.C to be uncapricious and in all decisions, put Ghana first.

The veteran preacher urged political leaders to move away from mere rhetorics and be realistic and sincere in their quest for peace. “Political leaders should condemn, unequivocally, all acts of violence and political rudeness that is likely to breach the peace of this great and noble nation of ours” he said.

He prayed for a peaceful and successful election as we all ensure justice, equity and transparency.


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