Is Pastor Jamal Bryant Finally Engaged To Singer Tweet?


By Victor Ochieng

Word on the internet has it that Pastor Jamal Bryant finally popped the “will you marry me?” question to his sweetheart, R&B singer Tweet. And, as expected, Tweet answered in the affirmative.

Good for the couple.

A lot of great things are happening in Tweet’s life. Her fans waited patiently for her return to the music scene, and when she made a comeback, she came back bigger, releasing her “Charlene” album. She also assisted Solange in her “1 Seat At The Table” album.

Another amazing development is that the southern hummingbird found love in 2016 with Pastor Bryant.

From their social media posts, it was clear that the two were deeply in love. They first went public with their relationship on national TV, declaring on The Preachers show that they were a couple. Pictures of the two then started doing rounds online, showing that the two have been sparing ample time for each other, and their love was evidently flourishing.

What else would someone wish for except for the two to work things out and settle down? That’s why people got excited when rumors surfaced that the two have taken their relationship a notch higher by getting engaged. Speculations started flying around after Tweet posted some photos captured at a Washington DC wedding.

Did they really get engaged or were these baseless rumors?

According to BlackAmericaWeb.Com, Tweet said it’s not true they got engaged. In an exclusive statement sent to TheJasmineBrand.Com, Tweet said, “All of it is false. We attended a wedding and posted pics- that’s all.”

Well, if they were engaged, she’d be proud to admit it. In fact, she could’ve talked about it before the rumor mongers came up with their imaginations.

Alongside the engagement rumors, word also came out that the couple is considering doing their own reality TV show. However, no details have been released on the show’s mission or when they’re considering kicking it off, if it actually lives to see the light of day.

When the couple opened up about their relationship, Tweet said dating Pastor Bryant was a challenge since she sings secular music. Because of that, she somewhat had the feeling that she wasn’t the appropriate partner for the pastor.

The truth is that we see many such relationships. In fact, there are even people who’ve complained about Black celebrities in the church looking for women outside the church. Israel Houghton and Devon Franklin are among those who’ve been criticized for settling on women outside the church.

In a article, the author shares a dozen reasons why this happens.


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