Is Ghana actors guild asleep?


Ghana Actors Guild the years over has been one of the moribund arts associations in the country. Despite several criticisms by the public, particular arts critics to put them on their toes, the group has been virtually non-existent.

After the demise of their President Rev. Eddie Coffie and former President Odoi Mensah, last year, the group has been very quiet – indicative of the fact that probably there is nothing happening there. Last year, veteran actor Abeiku Sagoe had told Hitz FM’s KMJ on Daybreak Hitz that he was going to contest for the position of the president on the guild scheduled for May. That could not be held.

However, after their national meeting on 17th February, 2017 in Accra, they announced that they will be holding their national elections in April, 2017. Some entertainment enthusiasts and connoisseurs are wondering why the lull in the aura surrounding the revival of the guild. It is expected that by now, there would have been a lot of buzz concerning their forthcoming elections and which people are vying for the various positions.

The Ghana Actors Guild (GAG) has very weak systems and structures as compared to the Musicians Union of Ghana, even though the latter has had its challenges too. One of GAG’s major challenges has been welfare for its members. It is very sad to see some veteran actors literally beg for money and support when they are sick or grow weak. The apathy surrounding the guild is huge. Most of the actors don’t really care about its activities.

The issue now is what can be done to give the guild a better image – one that can attract actors from varied age groups. It is about time, Ghana Actors Guild sat down to mold policies that would not only see to their welfare but also help build their capacity that champions the agenda that would give the convivial working environment.

Being one that had constantly criticized the late Odoi Mensah for his ineffectiveness as President of the Guild, I thought the late Rev. Eddie Coffie was bringing something new but to my chagrin, it was still the same old story of ‘no show’ until he passed away. It is now time for the guild to wake up from slumber to make things work for them. The vibrant ones with the expertise to run affairs of the guild should step forward and take up the mantle.

Apart from Abeiku Sagoe, I have also heard names like Mikki Osei Berko and Ziggie Nettey express interest in the President position. In all these, I am looking to seeing very vibrant, dynamic, and intelligent leaders who can mobilize members and build the guild. They need to give it a more marketable look. Anybody who comes to live the style of Odoi Mensah and Eddie Coffie is not going to help matters.

We at Flex newspaper seek to have a very buoyant movie industry and the well-being of the Ghana Actors Guild will be a catalyst to this change. Rise! Change must happen!


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