Is A Muslim Registry Really Needed In The U.S.?


By Victor Ochieng

According to the Southern Poverty Law Center, the number of hate incidents have risen since Republican Donald Trump won the presidential election. Right from his campaigns, it was clear that he was relying on bigotry and politics of hate to navigate his way to the most powerful office on the planet.

It’s a dark day for America! Who could’ve thought that someone in his right mind would vote for Trump, let alone the candidate getting enough votes to win the presidency?

Trump openly advocated for a total ban on Muslims setting foot in the U.S. He didn’t rule out the possibility of having a special registry for Americans who adhere to the Muslim faith. Trump openly ridiculed women based on their bodies, and, during the last stretch of his campaign, a recording surfaced proving that Trump views women as nothing more than s*x toys.

But even with all that stain, he triumphed at the ballot.

That’s enough to tell you where America is. So, when Trump talks about a special registry for Muslims, you shouldn’t think he can’t achieve it. Think of the case of the Japanese-Americans who were thrown into concentration camps and their property grabbed from them because white Americans felt threatened.

It’s time all minorities and other progressive citizens become vigilant, lest all the civil rights gains go to the dogs.

One veteran did a Facebook post in which he declared his stand on the potential of the Trump administration introducing a special registry for members of the Muslim community. He wrote: “I am a Black man, and a Muslim, and a veteran… I will not sign any registry or willingly participate in any plot or scheme to reassure religious bigots by marginalizing myself. I will not accept nor respect any administration or agency that places white supremacists in senior leadership positions. I will never acquiesce to my own oppression. I will never offer my support or allegiance to those who have invested in my subjugation. I will not ‘move on.’ I will not ‘just give them a chance.’ I will not be foolish as to ‘wait and see’ if a person who transformed a national media outlet into a platform for white supremacists and recently compared himself to Satan will have a sudden and remarkable change of heart and work to secure my best interests… I will not submit. I will focus and I will fight.”

With the election of Donald Trump, minorities must know that anything is possible in America, and someone is feeling threatened by the growing number of minorities. This someone can do anything to weaken the muscle of minorities, constitutionally or otherwise.

Be on the look!


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