IN SPIRIT & IN TRUTH By Afro Central Women’s Development Team



By Afro Central Women’s Development Team

Some would say that the mission field is a place where people can get connected
as it relates to their desires of togetherness, family, unity and so forth.
But one thing I would like to add is that when we really realize the amount of
prayer that comes forth on the mission field; it is known as a fact and said that
any man or woman who becomes a part of that missionary body with time has
their needs and prayers met; at least with time. There is something about glorying
in God’s presence while being a part of the call and The Greatest Commission.
The greatest love of all has been shed amongst us so that is why unity breeds
strong bonds of and cords of love, hope, serenity, and godly justice. The mission
field as we know it is also a place to relax and lay down burdens as opposed to
what one can do within the normal services held in a stuffy old Church House. Not
to say the least, Christianity has benefited from traditional Church Services.
However people in the open air in Ghana and other parts of Eastern Africa and
the world share the privilege of the free gospel and many yielded hands and faces
ready to receive the gift of Love or (God) do give a better account of what it
means to count it all joy brethren.
The missionary field is well off where God chooses to dwell these days because of
the openness and the readiness of whom He finds available. So please stay


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