Has The Black Church Sold Out To False Leadership?


By Victor Ochieng

There is something seriously wrong with the church today, and it’s quite confusing to those who are still young in spirit. Pastors are getting involved in ungodly acts and are fast adopting worldly practices in the name of welcoming more people to the body of Christ, while others are simply doing so because they’ve given up the fight against their bodily desires.

While there is a mess in almost every religious grouping, it’s worrying to see the Black community, which ranks among the most religious people, coming forward to defend acts that are outright ungodly.

Just recently, Pastor Demetrius Sinegal did a Facebook post, which read: “#Epidemic Alert- The church has fallen asleep and been [anaesthetized], and THIS has become so normal that many believers have actually begun to defend it. A [false] pastor and his ‘husband,’ the ‘First-G?’ WAKE UP ZION! No matter how long wrong is done wrong will never become right. I don’t care what ‘don’t judge’ foolishness you use as a defense, the WORD Judges this as an abomination! DEFEND His bride zion! Am I judging…YES! #RighteousJudgement John 7:24 commands me to.”

Alongside the text, Sinegal also added a picture of gay pastor, Peter Sean Scie, and his partner Sir Bryan.

This earned him the wrath of many Facebook users, many of whom argued that he shouldn’t judge other people regardless of their sins.

“The saints wanna use scriptures to condemn and beat up a group of people just like they did our ancestors. Why can’t we just love instead of beating folk up with the Bible?” commented Dan Flagler on the post.

“I love how preachers like to put the spotlight on others, and want to expose folk, but they not perfect themselves. Only perfect folk can judge righteously. And since none of us are, then we have no place to do that,” said another.

It’s saddening how some didn’t even like the fact that Sinegal talked about the issue. One user said: “Even if you believe he’s in sin, be careful of how you talk about God’s messengers. Paul basically told the church at Philippi to let God be the one to deal with [sinners].”

In an addendum, Sinegal went on to explain his post, saying, “If you are threatening these men’s lives SHAME on you!! We do NOT want them to die in the state they are in. Luke 9:56 says the Son of man didn’t come to destroy lives but save them!! Vs. 55 the Lord asked ‘WHAT SPIRIT ARE YOU OF’….no we don’t want them dead, we want this SPIRIT dethroned.”

In support of Sinegal and the WORD, user Josh Digue said: “Here’s the thing, homosexuality is a sin, says so in the Word of God. People have the right to believe whatever they wish, that’s free will. It’s a personal choice as what you choose to follow. Fact remains in the end, we will have to answer for those choices. God’s judgment is his, only his. Simply choose not to follow something you know is wrong, if presented with your thoughts and knowledge, give them according to the Word and with kindness and love. Amen.”



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