Ghana@63: Check The Man Who Stole The Show At The Independence Day Parade In Kumasi [Exclusive Photos]

By Emmanuel Ajarfor Abugri
Ghana@63: Check The Man Who Stole The Show At The Independence Day Parade In Kumasi [Exclusive Photos]
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This year’s independence day celebration held at the Baba Yara Stadium in Kumasi on Friday March 6 was a rich display of the Ashante culture.

The Kente cloth dominated and indeed, Kumasi gave global meaning to the cloth as a fabric for important events as hundreds of people turned up in rich colourful kente clothes to witness the event.

And during the parade, especially the march pass, one could sense the mixture of culture as compared to the previous years but one that caught the eyes and got many talking was an elderly man wearing a JHS uniform holding a placard with the inscription “Free SHS Has Come To Stay.”

Watch photos below:


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37202033833-l5gsj8v331-ghana--63 grahl-photography-1

37202033844-h41o2s6fey-ghana--63 grahl-photography-3

37202033854-g40n1r5edy-ghana--63 grahl-photography-4

37202033913-osjvm0x442-ghana--63 grahl-photography-5

37202033925-m6htk8w331-ghana--63 grahl-photography-6

37202033940-h40o2r6eey-ghana--63 grahl-photography-7

37202033946-vbrduhgtso-ghana--63 grahl-photography-8

37202033952-23041q5dcx-ghana--63 grahl-photography-9

37202033958-vaqctgfssn-ghana--63 grahl-photography-11

37202034004-h40o2s6eey-ghana--63 grahl-photography-12

37202034009-sxoaredq5l-ghana--63 grahl-photography-13

37202034015-swnaqdcp5k-ghana--63 grahl-photography-17

37202034020-txobredq5l-ghana--63 grahl-photography-18

37202034023-j4eq276ggb-ghana--63 grahl-photography-19

37202034029-n6ium8x432-ghana--63 grahl-photography-21

37202034035-m5htk8v331-ghana--63 grahl-photography-22

37202034042-1i841p5cbv-ghana--63 grahl-photography-24

37202034044-rvmypcb553-ghana--63 grahl-photography-25

37202034050-g30n1r5edx-ghana--63 grahl-photography-26

37202034059-k5frj7u2h0-ghana--63 grahl-photography-27

37202034107-h41o2s6fey-ghana--63 grahl-photography-28

37202034114-i4ep276gfa-ghana--63 grahl-photography-30

37202034118-wbrduhgtto-ghana--63 grahl-photography-31

37202034127-vbqduhgtsn-ghana--63 grahl-photography-32

37202034134-0e72xljwwr-ghana--63 grahl-photography-33

37202034154-nsjum8x432-ghana--63 grahl-photography-36

37202034206-typbsferqm-ghana--63 grahl-photography-37

37202034212-1j041q5ccw-ghana--63 grahl-photography-38


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