Ghana Theatre Festival 2019 Takes Off This September

Ghana Theatre Festival 2019 Takes Off This September


The National Theatre of Ghana presents the 5th edition of Ghana Theatre Festival which is scheduled for 24th to 29th September, 2019 at the various performing and exhibiting spaces at the National Theatre of Ghana. The main objectives of Ghana Theatre Festival 2019 is to offer an opportunity to groups to exhibit their works, build their capacity in theatre productions and provide quality performances to patrons throughout the festival week.

The theme for this year’s festival is “Nurturing and Growing Artistic Voices”.

The Ghana Theatre Festival, initiated in 2014, has grown over the years and has undergone several changes to suit the taste of its yearning audience who want to see a variety performances and artistic displays during the festival. The National Theatre of Ghana has, therefore, improvised and partnered with a well-selected list of production houses that cuts across all the fields of arts.

This year’s festival will include dance theatre, drama, highlife musical performances, live paintings, arts exhibitions, workshops, poetry performances, theatre programme for schools, stand-up comedy and many others.

There will be intriguing performances and artistic displays from production houses like the National Drama Company, National Symphony Orchestra, National Dance Company, Ehalakasa, 2Idiots, FC productions, GAVA, Kasa Entertainment, Village Minds Productions, Visual Arts Empowerment project (VASEP) and Wear Ghana presenting the Top 100 Fair.

Some performances slated for the festival are Oliver Twist for Basic schools, Ananse in the land of Idiots, Man Talk Woman Talk, Fowls for sale, Laughline, Man 1, Love of Mamavi, Talk Party, Evening Classical, Ku na wana (Death will come), Movie night, Highlife Time, Comedy Series, and Concert Party.

Workshop sessions will be held as part of the festival to provide insight into modern ways of producing theatre works as well marketing artistic works.

Theatre programmes for schools have been included in this year’s festival to educate students in both J.H.S and S.H.S on their drama books with the performance of the set plays by an accomplished and experienced group.

The National Theatre of Ghana is poised to treat theatre lovers to an amazing weekend of exciting performances.






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