False, doomsday prophets ‘have bleached faces’ – Korankye Ankrah


The Apostle-General of Royalhouse Chapel International, Reverend Sam Korankye Ankrah, has made a very interesting observation about false and doomsday prophets in Ghana – they all have bleached faces.

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Teaching his congregation on Sunday, 2 September 2018 about the tell-tale signs of doomsayers in the Christian fraternity, Rev. Korankye Ankrah said bleached skin was a major characteristic of such false prophets who prophesy nothing but doom and gloom – especially the death of prominent people such as presidents, vice presidents, other politicians, among others.

“I’ve never been to their churches before but I’ve been hearing them on radio, and, so, I can tell a few characteristics that you must know and watch out [for].

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“Number one, some of these prophets, I’ve noticed one major characteristic – they all have bleached faces”, he said, adding that their “prophecies and miracles” are mere “projections” rather than divine revelations given to them by God.

“I’ll be showing you the advantage that they have over the people that are following them; remember that prophecy is to declare and to speak, and, so, he [doomsday prophet] is in a position to declare and to speak; and whatever he speaks and he declares, always … cows and controls the people so that the people will always follow until something happens”, Rev. Korankye Ankrah noted without mentioning any names.


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