Disciples; Do Know That We Are Living In The Kingdom Today!!!


Knowing you are living in the Kingdom Today can be very helpful dear disciples. Whilst I agree that you must not be condemned for how you celebrate or do not celebrate Christmas it is of utmost importance to know that we are living today in the Kingdom and our conduct and how we celebrate every occasion whether it is worldly or rounded around or in the name of Christianity you ought to be aware and not be judged by others on certain Christian mixed with worldly activities.

Haven to come to the full knowledge of Jesus Christ and the salvation which brought us into the Kingdom we are living in today surpasses everything in the world. You see some hopes only for the destruction of the and end of life as we know it on earth, however, there should be others who through Jesus Christ must have hope beyond the meager thoughts of understanding. Our hope is to be with God when the new order is established replacing the old, for our eternal living with God.

Rom 14:16 Therefore do not let your good be slandered.

(17) For the kingdom of God is not eating and drinking, but righteousness and peace and joy in the Holy Spirit.

Matt 28:20 …And behold, I am with you all the days until the consummation of the age.

We are never left by the Lord Jesus Christ in the Church or the Kingdom as He has brought believers in and so our daily living and whatever we do or will celebrate will have to be line with the will of the Father. We are no longer the children of ignorance or lack of wisdom.

In a sense, the kingdom is here; in another sense, the kingdom is coming. This is just like the Lord Jesus Himself. In a sense, the Lord Jesus Himself is here with us. But, in another sense, the Lord is coming. While the Lord is with us in an inward way, He is still coming in an outward way.

Today it is necessary for us to tell people that we believe in the Lord Jesus and that we have Him in us. But when the Lord comes in an outward way and brings in the manifestation of the kingdom, there will be no need for any further explanation. Everyone will see the kingdom in manifestation.

If you are in the reality of the kingdom, you will return extra change when it is given to you by a cashier in a store or restaurant. Other people cannot understand us when we do this. They are surprised by the fact that we do not take advantage of the situation. People simply do not understand that this returning of extra change and refusing to take advantage of others is an example of the inward reality of the kingdom in our Christian life.

The worldly people cannot see that this is the kingdom. But when the Lord Jesus returns, the manifestation of the kingdom will be brought in. Then all the people will say, “This is the kingdom in manifestation. It surely is with us and we can never look elsewhere for life, LIVE in it until JESUS CHRIST COMES FOR US: SHALOM


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