Covid-19: Nigeria Releases Guidelines For Church, Mosque Reopening

President Muhammadu BuhariPresident Muhammadu Buhari
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Nigeria has released guidelines for the reopening of religious worship centers.

As per the guidelines, churches are to close 8pm in Nigeria, with 30 minutes disinfection interval between each service.

In the guidelines released today, June 2, 2020, each church service is not to exceed a duration of one hour.

The National Coordinator of the Presidential Task Force on Covid-19, Sani Aliyu, told journalists at a press briefing on Tuesday, June 2, in Abuja, Nigeria.

Rolling out the guidelines for the reopening of churches and other worship centres, he says

“Churches to open from 5am and close by 8pm.”

“For churches, each service should be for a maximum of an hour with an interval of thirty minutes in between services to allow time for disinfection,” according to him.

He added that Friday prayers in mosques should also not exceed one hour.

“Mosques may open 15 minutes before and ten minutes after prayers. The total time for Friday prayers should not exceed an hour,” he said.

“Islamiya schools, Sunday schools, night vigils, and children classes are to remain suspended”, according to him.

“Worshippers should be encouraged to sign up for preferred worship and make the option of virtual service an option.”

“There should be no gathering either or after worship and business outlets within the premises should remain closed,” he noted.

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