Controversial Singapore City Harvest Church Pastor Kong Hee


safe_image-15By Victor Ochieng

Singapore City Harvest Church Pastor Kong Hee has reportedly dispatched bottles of olive oil to be used in anointing the sick as he prays for them. The pastor said through his Facebook page last week that the bottles will be distributed to church leaders.

The controversial pastor, who had been accused of mismanaging church funds, explained that the olive oil idea came to him when he was driving, noting that the “Holy Spirit” impressed upon him to commence the healing project.

“I was driving. I dropped Dayan off at school. I was driving back in the midst of the heavy traffic, and suddenly I thought, you know what, why don’t we just get little bottles and just fill it up with olive oil and give it to all our leaders,” he said in a video posted to Facebook.

He underlined that the church is for “signs and wonders to the world.” He said the oil plus prayer of faith will work to heal sick people.

“The Bible says that we need to, as leaders in the church, we need to anoint those that are sick, those who are going through a hard time, with oil,” Kong said. “And the prayer of faith is gonna turn the situation around. That’s James chapter 5.”

He reigned on his church leaders to pray in earnest against problems at home, asking the church to have faith in God to manifest his miracles as they go to Him in prayer.

“I want you to take this bottle of anointing oil, and the prayer of faith will raise the sick,” he told his church leaders.

He was also quick to point out that the olive oil wasn’t magical.

“There’s nothing magical in this, but our faith in the anointing of the Holy Spirit is gonna bring us into signs, wonders and miracles, and I know that is God’s will for you, and that is God’s will for our church,” he said.

Hee’s Facebook video received more than 500,000 views and over 4,000 shares.

While others took him seriously, others simply joked about it.

One user commented, saying, “Could do me a great favor, if you could pass me a bottle. Need it for my pasta.”

“Come on guys it works OK at least now I open my door and don’t have those funny sound,” another one remarked.

One commenter dismissed the idea, saying, “Nonsense, by the powerful name of Father Jesus, the sick were healed, demons driven out and oppressed were set free. No material medium is needed.”


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