Bishop Eddie Long Reportedly In Hospital With Life Threatening Illness


By Victor Ochieng

Not long ago, Bishop Eddie Long released a video in which he explained his sudden weight loss. In the video, he noted that he had chosen to eat healthy.

However, the man of God wasn’t looking good at all. In fact, instead of making someone want to follow suit, his looks would only make people want to stay away from his new found regimen. Before he even released the video, many people, including his congregants, had started questioning his health status.

“People are asking, ‘Bishop, what happened to all of you?’ Well, all of me has melted away!” he explained in the Facebook video.

Contrary to his assertions, news now has it that the bishop is sick.

The 63-year-old Bishop of the Lithonia, Georgia-based New Birth Missionary Baptist Church was reportedly admitted to the hospital last week with a severe illness. According to a source close to Long, the man of God is suffering from stage 4 gastro-intestinal cancer. The source explained that “Bishop Long has cancer in his digestive system and it was discovered in the 4th stage and he literally has months to live.”

Despite the serious case, Long is hoping that his faith in God will provide the deliverance he badly needs.

“Bishop Long has been admitted to an Atlanta hospital this week where he has been since Monday and not yet discharged,” the source noted on Friday, adding that “the doctors have [given] Bishop Long up and (sic) there is nothing they can do, but try to make him comfortable. [However], Bishop Long is not willing to accept that he is ill and quoting the scripture that life and death lies in the power of the tongue.”

According to the Oasis of Hope Hospital, cancer is said to have hit stage 4 when it’s been left to spread beyond its origin to other body organs.

“This progression is also known as metastasis and unless a metastasis is singular — meaning that it has only spread into one specific location — and it’s still accessible, it usually means that the cancer will no longer be curable with localized therapies such as surgery or radiotherapy,” said Oasis of Hope.

Four men had previously accused the megachurch pastor of forcing them into s*xual intercourse before the issue was resolved out of court for an undisclosed sum of money. Such acts coupled with his current state have led many to speculate that he could be suffering from AIDS.



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