Archbishop Duncan Williams charges Charlotte Osei’s critics to apologize


The founder and leader of Christian Action Faith Ministries, Archbishop Nicholas Duncan-Williams has chastised detractors of the EC chairperson, admonishing them to come out and apologise for the character-assassinating attacks at her during the electioneering.

“Those who demonised my daughter (Charlotte Osei) and called her all sorts of names without cause must come out and openly ask for forgiveness the same way they attacked her,” he said.

The cleric who happens to be the pastor of the EC boss laid bare his chagrin when he addressed congregants in his church last Sunday in Accra.

He said Mrs Osei’s handling of the 2016 polls evinced her objectivity and integrity contrary to speculations made by her ill-wishers during the electioneering period.

According to the archbishop, the claims laid against Mrs Osei by her denigrators turned out false, as she delivered the true verdict at the end of the polls without favouritism as conjectured.

“Now that the verdict has gone in the opposite direction other than imagined, I hope they (the cynics) will come out and humbly admit that they were wrong,” he asserted.

Fiery accusations at the EC chairperson

The appointment of Mrs Charlotte Osei as the head of the Electoral Commission was not received very well by a section of the Ghanaian public.

The EC boss was severely tongue-lashed especially by the then main opposition party (NPP) with a foreboding that the elections would be rigged in favour of their opponents – the NDC.

Mrs Charlotte Osei received even more of lacerating criticism from other political parties when they were disqualified from contesting the polls due to anomalies in their registrations forms.

I voted the CPP

The man of God who hinted he voted CPP, condemned the mongering of falsehood and wrongful accusations against persons in authority, advising the public to desist from such.

He has advised supporters of the various political parties to make peace with one another as the elections are now over, saying it was the only way to move the country forward.

Archbishop Duncan Williams has also charged the transition teams of both the NDC and the NPP to work collaboratively in peace to ensure that the process ends smoothly.


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