A Source of Joy By Afro Central Women’s Development Team


A Source of Joy

By Afro Central Women’s Development Team

Well when we think of these two people we think of two great
forces and that is anointing oil and water. Yes! The Ghanaian

Bishop Dag Heward Mills and the very modern African
businesswoman Sharon N. Alenda. We know that we all serve a
living God because of these two! Bishop Dag Heward Mills is
like anointing oil. Pure holy anointing oil. From the pulpit and
even in the sanctuary one can see his trail from afar set in
anointing. His love notes to Sharon in biblical terms reminded
everyone of the story of Esther. The King’s eye ( Dag) was
always on this soft and beautiful maiden’s face — Esther who in
this case would be ( Sharon). And some would say even of the
love relationship found between Elkanah and Hannah of the
late of Old Testament had some goings between these two.
Sharon is the water in the body of Christ. A woman who seeks
to quench the thirsts of her people.
Sanctimoniously enough we beckon that these two should quell
their misgivings and join each other in their faithful deeds for
one another and for the deliverance of souls all over the world.
We believe that somehow Dag appointed Sharon and God
appointed Sharon unto Dag.
We are thankful for this strong union and pray that something
powerful, marital and otherwise will come out of everything.
It is a great thing to be in The House of The Lord! Thanks for


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