A Simple Proof: Christianity is a Deception!!

A Simple Proof: Christianity is a Deception!!

Part I
In November 2015, I published in this column of mine on the Modern Ghana internet site an article titled If Christianity Is English, It Won’t Save which attracted a sizeable readership. I hope all who read the article were blessed in one way or the other by its substance!

Now, for all those readers of that article, my prayer is that they get to read this article too. For, even though this current article is essentially the same in thought as the one referenced above, it is however, a version that is fortified with a revelation I stumbled upon, which will definitely bless them and all those who may be reading my thoughts expressed in this article for the first time.

Recently, while battling with studies in Ivrit (Hebrew??), I stumbled upon a great secret of the English people, which, if I had known it at the time I wrote my article of November 2015, would have greatly enriched it! However, as is often said, it is better late now than never!

And so, today, after almost three years into the publication of that article, I feel it is my responsibility to readers of that article to let them in on this great discovery I made about the people who are called variously as Anglo-Saxons, EnglishBritish, or just simply Brits, and the role they played in Christianity!!

In fact, my discovery centers on how the name British came into being; and about whatever effect it has on people on Earth today, particularly those of bible persuasion. Well, we must put aside the effect this word has had on people of the past to look at its effect on people today and of the future.

Before unveiling my discovery, I’d like to republish the previous article I refer to here, and then summarize after it the substance of my discovery about the origin of the word British! So then, here comes that article:

The world must be made to know that, its most popular religion, Christianity, is destined to bring doom to its adherents, simply because it is English-based in all its character and nature! All must know that English-based Christianity is the religion of Tares; not Wheat!!

I do not as yet have a mandate from Elohiym [the Creator] to comment on the fate of adherents of other religions of mankind. In fact, like one Yonah who was sent to the people of Nineveh, I dread being put on any such assignment to salvation seekers of non-bible persuasion!!

But then, it may be wise for all adherents of the many non-Christian religions of mankind to be interested in and minded by revelations Elohiym has given to me, such as are presented in this article for the information of the world, about Christianity being a sham of Satan!!

It is no gainsaying the fact that the foundation of Christianity is footed on the teachings of the English Bible—the most popular and cheapest book today, and which is yet considered sacred by almost an entire world—even though the word “Christianity” is nonexistent in any one page of this book!!

Well, amazingly, the English Bible is deemed sacred by almost all mankind simply because every one of its many publishers, down the ages, stamps or embosses it as holy and claims that it originated directly from Elohiym.

So then, if the English Bible can be proven unholy and also not to have originated from Elohiym but from man, this unique proof would render Christianity as the biggest joke and falsehood of all time that has been consistently pushed down the throats of gullible mankind ever since it’s coming!!

This article is written to debunk any claims that the English Bible originated from Elohiym and or that it is holy. This task, when executed, would no doubt open the eyes of bible-believing salvation seekers to truth and, thus, eventually bring Christianity to its end—hopefully, in this generation—and in as fast a manner as it came out of the blue!!

Scary as the execution of this task of mine may seem to you, dear reader, I would urge you to stay with me so you may be richly blessed by TRUTH! Be encouraged in your continued reading of this article that the blessings of Elohiym are not meant for faint-hearted people but, rather, for the bold and diligent; and beautiful!!

In taking off in the execution of my task to prove that the English Bible is not of Elohiym, it must be told to all that the language the Creator spoke at creation is Ivrit [Ibrit] (Hebrew)! By this language, Elohiymcalled all the natural things we now see in the universe into manifestation, which were hitherto in existence only in His Mind and Being!

The fact is that Creation could never have been effected by any other language, simply because it pleased Elohiym in His Sovereignty and Wisdom to create and maintain His Creation by the power of the Ivrit tongue—Elohiym’s own and only tongue by which He communicates with all of His creation—long before the coming of all other languages of mankind!

Be it also known that, the Ruwakh (same as “Spirit” in meaning?? No I don’t think so!), the Power of Creation is Ivrit and thus, both the letter and spirit of Elohiym’s Word—at, of, for, and after Creation—are Ivrit. Therefore, no other language beside Ivrit could have brought Creation into being!

You see, when Yahushua, the Savior, in YahuKhanan (John?) 6:63 alluded to the typical Ivrit words he was speaking as being Ruwakh (Spirit) and also as being able to manifest into visible and tangible Khayyei (Life), he did not intend to make anyone today suppose that those same Ivrit words when translated into English, or any other language for that matter, would still manifest Life!!

This is because Ivrit and English have two differing spirits—since one originates from Shamayim (the Heavens) and the other from Earth—and so even if the words of the two languages may seem to be same or very close in meaning, the spirits in them would be different and thus would act to produce different things.

Today’s mankind must know that, before and since Creation, the only lingua franca of Shamayim(Heaven?) is Ivrit and that it has been the only means of communication between Elohiym and His Ben,Yahushua, and their holy malakim (angels?) in Shamayim, long before the universe and human beings were created.

Clearly, therefore, Ivrit, as it is known on any part of the Earth after Creation, must have come down to mankind from Shamayim—the only one source of origin of this language!! All the other non-Ivritlanguages have originated from the Earth and are thus earthly, and as such man-made! Please, do not forget Babel!

Now, the language of ElohiymIvrit—produces everything natural, while every man-made or earthly language may have intrinsic in it, the potential and power to produce, through trial and error, any of the man-made things of the world.

So then, only Ivrit can make visible or real whatever is in the mind of Elohiym, whilst English or any other man-made languages of the world may produce the earthly or man-made things that are particular to the origins of that language and or peculiar to the mind of a particular people! This is simply so because a language is the expression of whatever content, power, imagination, and value, there is in a man’s brain!!

Part II
And so, one must have programmed within him the capacity to think in Ivrit, which all creation is blessed with at creation [birth] to be intrinsic in him; thus, one can have in him a certain urge to produce something natural but be unable to and or to understand how the things of creation were produced by Elohiym through utterances He made in Ivrit! This innate capacity of man to have some understanding of the ways of Yahuwah Elohiym comes from a residue of the power of Ivrit that Elohiymspoke to produce all things that originally dwelt in him (man) when he (man) was yet to know or live in sin and this is the same as the Ruwakh, the Ruwakh HaQaDaSh of and in the Creator!!

The flora, fauna, hills, soils, rocks, etc., all have intrinsic within them a residue of the power of the Ivritlanguage or force that Yahuwah Elohiym uttered to call them into being and this residual power of Ivritcontinues to eternally abide in them so as to act as the point of contact in continually being used to obey and serve the Creator!!

The only time when this residue of Ivrit that Yahuwah Elohiym has caused to reside in all His creation becomes non-existent in them is when sin enters into any particular item of creation, to drive out this power which is an attribute from the Creator! In this, all creation is better blessed than mankind since they cannot sin; while man often sins without any restraint! How sad!!

So then, any non-Ivrit language of any people devoid of the flicker of Ivrit power deposited in them as the residue of the power of Ivrit that Yahuwah spoke to bring them into being, in order for Him to use it as a link between Him and the people of that language, dies out as a result of sins they commit and that non-Ivrit language simply becomes powerless to produce anything of value to the Creator.

Going deeper into spirituality, we must understand that the totality and completeness of the Ivrit Word of Elohiym is that which has become a visible and tangible manifestation in human flesh, going by the name and title Yahushua HaBen HaElohiym, HaMashakhYahu—i.e. Yahushua the Son of Elohiym, the Anointed One of Yahuwah.

Clearly, Yahushua HaBen HaElohiym, HaMashakhYahu is the most renowned and perfect Ivri (Hebrew man) who ever walked this Earth of ours—cf. YahuKhanan (John?) 1:1-5, 14, Colossians 1:15-19, YahuKhanan Alef (First John?) 1:1-3, 4:2—and it MUST be known to all that no bunch of high-sounding English words could have manifested or produced him!!

It must also be understood that, whenever Elohiym had spoken audibly and directly to anyone on Earth, ever since creation, He had always spoken in Ivrit! That explains why all true messengers of Elohiym to and on Earth, inclusive of Yahushua, have always been Ivriim (Hebrew men)—cf. Ivriim(Hebrews) 1:1-3—and this is all because the nation of Yisroel, up until the first century (CE), had been the only extension or annex of Shamayim or the Embassy of Heaven on Earth, if you will, and that ONLY the true children of Yisroel can and have always been eligible as ambassadors of Shamayim to Earth!!

Of course, there is evidence from the Ivrit Holy Scriptures that Elohiym communicated His Will to non Ivrit-speaking men of Goyim (Gentile nations) such as a Pharaoh of Mitzrayim, and Nevuchadnetzar and Belshatzar, two kings of Babylon. But then, He only communicated with them in dreams and not in speech; and by a handwriting written on a wall that could only have been in Ivrit as Yahuwah Elohiymdelivered judgment and sentencing to Belshatzar.

Interestingly, all these Goy rulers had to make use of holy Ivriim in order for them to understand the messages Elohiym sought to give them. Obviously, if Elohiym had broken His rule in those instances by speaking or writing in a Goy tongue of any of these rulers, then they would have heard and understood Him speak to them in their Goy tongue, and so would not have sought the services of Ivrit-speaking people to act as interpreters to them, as they all did in all the instances!

It is, therefore, strange that every publisher of the many versions of the English Bible [which many of its hard critics, including me, consider to be rather perversions of the Ivrit Holy Scriptures] has presented it in a manner that misleads their readers into thinking that Elohiym spoke His Word of Creation and any instructions to mankind in English!

All publishers of the English Bible have, by their presentations, left very little or no doubt at all in the minds of their readers that Elohiym spoke His Word at Creation in English, and that He subsequently sent His messengers—both humans and malakim—inclusive of His Ben, Yahushua, to speak to mankind in English, even at times when the English language had not yet evolved on Earth!! Ridiculous, isn’t it??

Yes, it is; and yet more ridiculously, publishers of the Red Letter Editions of the English Bible have in it English words in direct quotes attributed as having been spoken by Yahushua himself, even though it is common knowledge that Yahushua lived long before the sixth to seventh century coming of the Englishlanguage and its people!!

This ridicule is further magnified and amplified when a holy malak of Elohiym is recorded in the English Bible to have delivered the English name JESUS by which, it is claimed, the parents of the Savior named him on the eighth day of his birth—a birth and naming ceremony that was over 600 years ahead of the coming of the English language to Earth!! How could that be??

You see, the English Bible is a mere translation by men who had no mandate of Elohiym to do what translation they did of the Holy Ivrit Scriptures! Without any mandate and or supervision by Elohiym in doing what they did, translators of the Ivrit Scriptures into English ended up not only doing a very shoddy work but were also misled by Satan to introduce words and thoughts that Elohiym never uttered or expressed in Ivrit and which have thus become antagonistic to His cause!!

The shoddy work done by translators of the Ivrit Holy Scriptures has produced an unholy English Biblethat is obviously unable to save or impute holiness to any sinner, simply because it is not of Elohiym!!

Definitely, Elohiym has never uttered any of the following key English (or Greek- or Latin-based) words in the English Bible in wanting to teach mankind His way of salvation—Gospel, Church, Christian, JESUS CHRIST, God, HOLY GHOST, apostle, evangelist, prophet, pastor, bishop, etc—and therefore it is not He who gave mankind the meaning of these words!!

So then, these key English words of the English Bible are irrelevant to the salvation of the sinner. And that is why nothing that takes place in Church in English or any other earthly language for that matter, has any value, essence or power to bring salvation to anyone!

As mentioned earlier on in this article, it is only the Ivrit Word of Elohiym that produced His BenYahushua—the most renowned Ivri-personality who lives, forever—all because the Ivrit Word of Elohiym that produced him never diminishes in value and or power; but is the same in value and power, yesterday, today, and forever!!

And so, since every saved person of humanity must be established as a branch in the body of Yahushua—cf. YahuKhanan (John?) 15:5—then that person must of necessity also be produced of and made by the same Ivrit Word of Elohim that begat or constitutes Yahushua, in order for the one to be compatible to be grafted as a branch into Yahushua, and not that some English, Latin or Greek words could have produced any person who is said to be saved!

This is all because whatever is produced by Ivrit words cannot be compatible in any way with what is produced by English words!!

Part III
Let me state it again that Christianity is not once mentioned even in the English Bible. And so, even if the English Bible were deemed to be the Word of Elohiym [which it is not], then Elohiym had no intention of teaching Christianity as a saving religion, or as a message of instruction for mankind’s good!!

And yet, the belief of Christians is that everything of Christianity assuredly constitutes salvation!! And that, this supposed salvation that is deemed to have come through Christianity is only receivable in the context of the English language!

And so, from every name of Christianity’s denominational blocks, to the flamboyant titles held by its leaders, the personal names of its adherents, names of its feasts and holidays (note, not holydays), etc., Christianity is all English and for English speakers!!

Just consider this bunch of English-name only denominations and Churches—Kenneth Hagin Ministries, Kenneth Copeland Ministries, Lighthouse Chapel International, Church of Christ, Church of JESUS CHRIST of Latter Day Saints, Apostolic Church, Pentecost Church, Church of England, African Methodist Episcopal Church, Roman Catholic Church, Baptist Church, etc—and anyone may ask to know which one of these English-based blocks in Christianity brings salvation to the sinner? In any case, is any one of these blocks approved by Elohiym as the channel or means to give salvation to mankind??

Also, which of the seemingly reverential English-only titles that are ascribed to people who play roles in propagating Christianity, such as ReverendRight ReverendMost Reverend and Very Reverend are ordained by Elohiym to be dispensed to men in His employment??

If all these English-begotten titles borne by Christian clergymen are not known or approved by Elohiym, does the work done by those who bear them mean anything to Him or bring any rewards of salvation to those who follow such clergymen, and even pay for services [disservice??] rendered by them??

And amazingly, whereas Elohiym has neither need for nor use of superlatives in describing Himself and in defining His genuine workers, Christian clergymen delight in grading themselves by the English titles they give to themselves and often show displeasure and anger whenever they are not addressed specifically by the titles they bear or are wrongly introduced in gatherings by a lower-ranked title!!

Check out these English titles of Christianity and their elevating orders: ReverendRight ReverendMost Reverend, Very Reverend, Apostle, Senior Apostle, Apostle General, Overseer, General Overseer, Bishop, Archbishop, Moderator, General Moderator, Synod Clerk, Synod President, Associate Pastor, Pastor, Senior Pastor, Prophet, Senior Prophet, etc—none of which, because they are English, originate from Elohiym in Shamayim!!

And yet all these titles have become the cravings of Christian clergymen who are blinded by their inordinate desire for wealth and fame!!

Must one be English to be a Christian? Must one indeed be an adherent to Christianity to be eligible for salvation, as is commonly presumed? If it were so, is salvation then available to only Englishmen and English-speaking loyalists??

How about what we read in YahuKhanan (John?) 4:22 where we learn that “salvation is of the Ivriim (Jews??)? May somebody help me to appreciate what this English religion called Christianity really is and or stands for!

The typical Ivri saving-faith known as HaDerekh that has been confirmed in the Ivrit Holy Scriptures to have saved people—specifically, Noakh, Avraham, Moshe, ShmuEl, ElYahu, DaniEl, etc—long before the advent of Christianity [ca. 320 CE] and which will continue to save anyone who exercises faith in it, is what everyone today must search for and exercise faith in for the one’s salvation.

I can confidently say that not even Judaism, [another non-Ivrit English– or Yiddish-based word], just like Christianity, can save a soul, simply because it is also a man-made religion!!

It is now time to replace Christianity, altogether, by reinstating the Ivri-saving faith known as “HaDerekh” [illegally translated “The Way” in English]cf. Bereshiyt (Genesis??) 3:24, Shemot (Exodus??)32:8, Devarim (Deuteronomy??) 9:16, 11:28, Shofetim (Judges??) 2:17, YirmeYahu (Jeremiah??) 7:23, Malachi 2:8.

I can confidently say all the translations of the Ivrit Holy Scriptures into English by translators, throughout the ages, were never mandated by Yahuwah Elohiym and are, thus, illegal. Obviously, therefore, all translations were done at the behest of Satan, in order to think to ultimately strip the Ivri-born Savior—begotten of the pure Ivrit Word of Elohiym and who lived his days on Earth as the most illustrious of all Ivriim—of all his Ivri nature and character revealed in the Towrah (law) and thus replaced with their blonde JESUS CHRIST, in order to be English who is lawless to the Towrah so as to make all Christians too, lawless to Towrah!!

You see, after translators have succeeded in stripping the true Savior of all his Ivri nature and made him to appear English, a Goy, in and by their JESUS CHRIST of their English Bible, all Christian clergymen must display the nature of a JESUS CHRIST living in them by the English clothing they wear, and by following a lifestyle, culture and character that are all English!! Added to all of these is a tea party culture too?? Oh, my!

And so, whether you are a Christian clergyman from Singapore, India, KwaZulu Natal, Ghana, Bangladesh, etc., you must wear the black suite with the white collar shirt of a typical “Jimmy Crow” cleric, as if to portray an English JESUS CHRIST they claim to dwell in them; whereas the true Yahushualiving in any one of his loyal servants would cause him to wear a Yalabiah [YalabYahu?] dress reaching to the ankles, twenty four seven! Oh my goodness, what killer ignorance of Christian clergymen!!

Sad that this killer ignorance has caused Christians to live in a delusion of having been saved through the teachings of the English Bible and Christianity, when, in fact, they are TARES produced by the wiles of Satan and so will suffer loss on Dooms Day when they are gathered as rubble that are only good to be burned!

Dear Christian reader, I suppose you have your own choice of Church or denomination in all of this! Do you have reasons why you will not leave it for another, even when you claim all Christians are heading toward Elohiym? Are you at all sincere in your claim that all Christians are united as one when you do not see eye to eye with others in differing Churches? In any case, could you have been misled into making a wrong choice of a particular Church, but for translators who offered you a choice by their translations of the Ivrit Word of Elohiym? Just think!!

The shoddy translation of the Ivrit Holy Scriptures has done too much harm to TRUTH since it is the reason for Christianity and its varying doctrines and practices on such an important issue as baptism! And yet, baptism is held by all Christians to be a ritual meant to bring them salvation even in the midst of their varying doctrines on it?

Must baptism be by drip watering on babies’ foreheads, or by spraying or sprinkling of water on special parts of bodies of adolescents, or by immersing adults, momentarily, in water in man-made water containing structures?

Which one of these rituals, if anyone at all, brings salvation?? But for the work of translators, a preserved Ivrit Word of Elohiym would have led salvation seekers to do teshuva (repentance) of sin, a tevilah (dip or momentarily immerse oneself) in a mikveh mayim (a place in which waters gather naturally) as the true ritual for baptism!

Such a holy understanding of the Ivrit Word of Elohiym on the rites on tevilah would have kept many (especially those who, by virtue of being infants and of immature ages, are thus unable to genuinely do teshuva) away from the non-saving Goyim [English] rituals of dripping, sprinkling and spraying of waters on parts of peoples’ bodies or by even immersing them momentarily in waters pumped into man-made tanks or reservoirs, as their performance of baptism—their brand of a tevilah—which is contrary to Elohiym’s instructions of being in a mikveh mayim!!

Oh, English-based Christianity: What great harm you have done in deceiving gullible mankind to believe in you!

As a shofar (ram-horn trumpet) blower of Elohiym, I am, by this article, dutifully warning mankind according to His Word in YechezkEl (Ezekiel?) 33:6-7; and this, I do in love for my readers. Will this generation heed the Word of Elohiym?

My dear reader, my prayer is that your spiritual eyes will become opened to the truth so you may be delivered from the deception of the English Bible,

Part IV
Now, let me give to readers a secret I discovered about and within the word British! First of all, please note that the English word British can be broken to form two Ivrit words, i.e. Brit and Ish of genuine and real roots!

Therefore, these two words are pure and holy since they originate from the earliest known Ivrit (Paleo Hebrew??) that came out of the mouth of the Creator! They are therefore words of great significance and value!

In Ivrit, “Brit” means “covenant” and “ish” means “man”. I suppose that in between these two words the Ivrit word “aish” meaning “fire” has come!!

And this coming of aish (fire) out of brit and ish has to be a matter of cause since a holy fire is always kindled to perpetually burn within the heart of every ish (man) who keeps or lives in a brit (covenant) relationship he enters into with his Creator!!

However, let me sound a word of caution and warning that Yahuwah has not permitted mankind to put together any two holy words such as brit and ish to form a new word such as british, since the product in such an enterprise only demonstrates folly and causes evil to come from an unholy compound word so derived because Yahuwah was not involved in such an act of fabrication of words by mankind.

So then, when a certain group of men chose to call themselves “BritIsh” so they may deceive other mankind, and even their own descendants after them, that they are a people who are led into a holy and new covenant (New Testament??) with a certain deity of post-creation origin by name God, in order to lead all other men to the Creator, it was obvious that Yahuwah Elohiym would reveal their evil plan someday!

The fabrication of the British out of brit and ish by these people was meant to lie to themselves and their descendants that they belonged to the Creator in a very special and unique way—in much the same way that children of the house of Yisroel are the chosen of Yahuwah and in covenant relationship with Him—and that they were the new people chosen of all mankind in a New Covenant to abrogate and replace the holy covenant that Yahuwah Elohiym had at one time cut with the house of Yisroel on Har Sinai!!

Well, their seemingly noble intentions and actions at the time might have seemed too smart and clever to ever be exposed as wicked and evil deceptions of Satan just in order for him [Satan] to rule mankind and the Earth he claimed to have bought for himself from Adam, the first father of all mankind! But then, here in this generation, are their folly being exposed after years of cover up!!

After these Anglo-Saxons of old succeeded in turning themselves Brit-ish, supposing to be men of the [new] covenant, and thus claiming to be the replacement of the house of Yisroel by Yahuwah ElohiymHimself, they progressed further in the crafting of a delusion and deception by coming up with the purely Goy name JESUS CHRIST to be at the center of this their so-called new covenant upon which name they founded CHRISTIANITY and claimed it to be the replacement of HaDerekh which is the ONLY way of salvation ever known to the house of Yisroel from time immemorial!!

After their formation or evolution of fake Christianity, ways were now open for all the English vocabulary known today that are used to describe Christianity to pour in, thus nurturing Christianity to mature to become the eventual new world religion of the Earth and to subsequently replace the faith and lifestyle described as HaDerekh meant for the house of Yisroel, which faith Yahuwah had intended to be the only true and genuine way of salvation for any mankind!! Do you see the goal post for a contest between TRUTH and Deception being set in all of this??

I must say in teaching that the so-called Holy Spirit of Christianity is unknown in Shamayim (the Heavens) to mean or stand for anything holy there! This is so because no English or British words or thoughts exist there in Shamayim! Rather, what is known to be holy there, and as being the essence of Yahuwah, is Ruwakh HaQadash!

Now, even though Ruwakh HaQaDaSh is Ivrit meaning Spirit the Holy in English, British people have done much harm to mankind when their translators of the holy Ivrit word of Yahuwah have given to mankind, deliberately or unintentionally, Holy Spirit in replacement of Ruwakh HaQaDaSh and thus for humanity to never remember or ever get to know of any Ruwakh HaQaDaSh until Doom’s Day!!

And since any two terminologies in two differing languages of Ivrit and English MUST represent two differing spirits of unmatched power, Ruwakh HaQaDaSh and Holy Spirit can never produce any two things that can be same!!

After evolving the unholy name “British” for themselves and their offspring, the Anglo-Saxon forebears of Englishmen, set to advance in the crafting of many more words in order to be able to advance in their intentions to possess the Earth through trickery and deception.

Obviously, a lying, deceiving and tricky language that was developed by mankind “in [the] beginning” is only bound to produce lies and liars in the end; just as English has become with regards to the word of Yahuwah Elohiym!

And so have we all been tricked into believing the English Bible at its face value to be the truth of the Most High One, and are thus become deceived and liars about who we think we are by the faith we profess according to its teachings! For all we may come to know, we may be singing our hearts out while going in an opposite direction from the presence of Yahuwah Elohiym in claiming “I know who I am” when we may not have any idea that we were never begotten of Him by our beliefs of the English Bible!!

Today, many people have gone the way of the people of England in evolving into British to claim to have originated from the Ivriim of the house of Yisroel and therefore have the sole right to lead the inhabitants of the Earth by their man-made religion called Christianity to where Yahuwah Elohiym can be found!!

Does the world know why and how the Swedes became Swedish, Danes Danish, Scots Scottish, Spaniards Spanish, Turks Turkish, Poles Polish, Fins Finish, etc.?? I suppose when the world gets to know the reasons why all these nations chose to be in conformity with the people of England who before them chose to become British and when we all eventually see a German join the fray of ishpeople to become a Gerish, then we all would have become aware of the fullness of all things had then come about as the fulfillment of all things towards ending this current world order for a NWO to come about!! So then, let us all be looking out for a Ger-ish (a true Ger-Man) to kick-start the much anticipated NWO!

Did you ever read of British pennies in the English Bible! Well, the revelation of the English Bible is that a certain JESUS CHRIST was presented with a penny in the year ca. 30CE!! Well, this impossibility of having pennies readily floating about in Yisroel in the days of the true Savior, establishes this JESUS CHRIST who is said to have tangibly felt within his fingers a penny coin, establishes this JESUS CHRIST as UNREAL, a phantom, and thus not the Savior from Shamayim set to redeem mankind from sin and Satan!

And so, everything that is associated with this JESUS CHRIST, particularly, CHRISTIANITY and all its countless jargons, rituals and doctrines are all meant to lead its adherents to chase a mirage, a non-existent tangible reality, that they are misled, deceived, and tricked to have faith in!!

In concluding this whole matter, I pray it is clear to the reader that the foregoing accounts prove that Christianity is the biggest deception of Satan.

It is therefore my heart cry to all Christians of this generation that they will heed this cry coming out from Shamayim for them to come out of Christianity and to join themselves to HaDerekh, if perchance the grace of Yahuwah Elohiym shall aid them to come to have the true salvation for their souls.

The writer, NngmingBongle Bapuohyele aka Tabalyahu Ben Khosah Ben Bara, is a Towrah-Base Life-Coach of HaBaYaTh Yisroel (GH) and Author. His Email Contact Address is: nngmingbongle@gmail.com.


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