95% Of Christians Do Not Respect Or Fear The Name Of God—Bishop Samuel Ofori


The founder and general overseer of God’s Power and Deliverance Chapel Int. situated at Isreal Pentecost University junction in Accra Bishop Samuel Ofori has made a stunning revelation that 95% of Christians are just churchgoers who do not respect or fear the name of the Almighty God they pretend to serve,emphasizing that even idol worshippers,fetish priests/priestesses,witches, wizards etc fear and respects the name of the living God because they are aware of the power vested in that name.

At a prayer and prophetic meeting at the church premises,the action driven prophet confessed he is amazed by the attitude of “Today’s Christian” for the fact that Christians are being preached with the word of God which advises them to lead a life full of righteousness to experience the true power of the living God.

He revealed contrary to the commandments of God which serves as a guide for christians,many keeps on flirting,cheating,stealing,killing,gossiping,quarrelling, greedy,being ungrateful,dishonest,arrogant to mention a few.

The Bishop urging the church members to refrain from that attitude sarcastically praised the way and manner those Christians keep attending churches with the same mindset of not adhering to the principles of God.

Ending the sermon the outspoken prophet advised the congregation to take little chances that come their way in life very serious paraphrasing “the power of a seed is not in it’s size but in the quality of it’s product” alerting the worshipers small efforts made with the blessings of God will always yield multiple results.


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