Is It True – The Word Network Will Be Pulled In 24 Regions?


By Victor Ochieng

Word has it that communications company, Comcast, is scheduled to pull “The Word Network” from 24 regions across the United States. Although the plan hasn’t been confirmed, the rumor has sent some jitters among those who enjoy watching programs on the platform.

Should “The Word Network” be pulled, there will be a negative impact on many minority communities that rely on it for their spiritual nourishment. This is especially so because most prime television channels don’t air minority community church services.

This is in spite of the fact that millions of people mainly rely on televangelists and other Christian programs for their spiritual edification.

The idea of shutting down the network in some locations hasn’t gone down well with many, and they’ve come forward to contest the decision, citing the importance of the network to them.

As a result, the president of Comcast has agreed to speak with Pastor Jamal Bryant over the issue so as to deliberate on the best way forward.

One poster that did rounds online last week read – “Comcast Update: Because of your prayers, calls, and support, The WORD Network is scheduled to meet with Comcast on Tuesday, November 22nd, at 1pm. A coalition of pastors, gospel artists, ministerial leaders, as well as our CEO, Mr. Kevin Adell, will be at the Comcast headquarters in Philadelphia, PA. to discuss the future of TWN on their platform. Please pray that victory is won and that we are able to continue to spread the gospel of Jesus Christ across the world. God Bless You!”

Comcast has been very instrumental in ensuring that minorities, especially the African Americans, receive the gospel. The company was recently applauded after it successfully launched the first ever purely African American Christian Television Network in the U.S., The Impact Network. This was seen as a very bold step towards ensuring diversity in its services.

“Thank you Comcast for launching the Only, 100% African American owned and operated NETWORK!” Impact Television Network posted on Facebook.

The Word Network, concerned about the pending shutdown, reached out to Comcast with their thoughts on the issue.

In a tweet, The Word Network said, “To complain about @comcast removing TWN from 7 million people’s home, call the VP of acquisition, Justin Smith at 215-286-7814.”

There has been overwhelming response from the public and it’s no doubt that the feedback will influence the company’s final decision.


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